Headlamp bulbs - ianhad
Please settle an argument! A guy in a pub says that his company insist he only uses replacement headlamp bulbs bought from a main dealer (for the make of car) because the lamps are of a different quality than can be obtained elsewhere. Also, they come with a fitting template! Comments please.
Headlamp bulbs - Cyd
This is true.

You can buy OE quality bulbs from some factors, but many makes are definately "budget" and not up to OE standards.
Headlamp bulbs - M.M
Yep as Cyd says...

Place down the road sells auto bulbs in plain white boxes, a headlamp bulb is about £1.

They last at least two weeks!

Headlamp bulbs - jc
Good bulbs should have an "e" mark to show they meet EC standards;unfortuneately,like 3 pin plugs,some are made in back streets of wherever and they put an "e" on without testing.
Headlamp bulbs - M.M
Yes quite JC.

I was looking at a trade/business stickers supplier listing the other day and the E mark was one of their standard ones. You didn't have to prove any compliance to buy them.

Headlamp bulbs - borasport20
But Ford/GM/PSA/Fiat and the rest don't make the bulbs that go into Ford/GM/PSA/Fiat cars, whereas Philips, Hella, Cibie etc do, so surely your better off buying a reputable (see above) bulb from a factors than paying a premium to buy the same thing from the Dealer

(dont let them fit it - £11+vat to fit am 80p side (parking !) light bulb at local VW dealers)

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Headlamp bulbs - Shigg
Try checking out the product test section of the Autoexpress web site, within that section you'll find a test of H4 and H7 lamps. The details of exactly how the lamps are tested are given along with the results. I was surprised to find how some branded lamps don't meet the regs. despite carrying the E mark. Taking the advice of the reviews I bought a set of Philips VisionPlus lamps, these seem OK. A point to consider is that if you install a lamp that meets the spec whereas the last set didn't and you've had your car MOT'd and the headlights were adjusted then the new lamps may mean you need your headlights adjusting.



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