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I came across a company called Synergy Manchester, who are offering a brand new vehicle on long term hire which I am told is like renting from big companies like Avis etc. They say it is a refundable deposit of £ 3k, monthly rental of £ 500 which includes VAT, insurance.

It is a 3 month contract after which one can exit with a 30 day notice

They also say on their Ts and Cs that they can take back the car whenever they want to and give another car.

I am planning to lease for the first time and been told this is not a lease but works on same principle.

Has anyone heard of 'Credit Hire' and of this company called Synergy Manchester ?Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.



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BMW X5 - Credit Hire - daveyjp
Never heard of the company, but schemes like this do exist. My wife's company have 3-6 month / 5,000 mile rentals off a national leasing company who also sell cars. They run it then it gets sold as an ex demo.
BMW X5 - Credit Hire - RStar

Thank you for the response.

Do you think it is legitimate then? There is so much of bad press about credit hire for accident claims etc.

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - Avant

Look very carefully at the small print. Some lease companies charge heavily for the slightest scratch when the car is handed back. If tey are holding your deposit until the end of the lease term, that's a lot of your money in their hands.

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - RStar

Thanks for the response. Do you know if there are other companies offering the same contract?

There is hardly anything on their Ts&Cs hence wondering if you could throw some light please?


BMW X5 - Credit Hire - TeeCee

There is hardly anything on their Ts&Cs

So they get your three grand with an indeterminate set of reasons as to why they might get to keep it?

I'd be running away about now.

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - balleballe

I would have ran away a long time ago.....

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - garyhum
I have also stumbled across Synergy Manchester in the last couple of weeks via, with an offer which seemed to good to be true.

Again similar offer to the X5 on an A7, with £2500 refundable deposit and an all inclusive maintenance and insurance package over 48 months but I could swap at any time afternthebfirst three months.

I was also told their T&Cs weren't fully applicable to a longterm rental, but they don't have a copy of T&Cs that are. I asked for a full formal quote but all I ever got was short email responses. There is no regulated credit agreement just pay the fee into their bank every 28 days.

I thave ried doing my due diligence on the company but it's proved inconlusive. As a sole trader they aren't registered at companies house,Trading standards in Manchester wouldn't divulged any information under thebdata protection act. There are no customer or industry comments or reviews on the net for this organisation that I can find.

So I was about to press the button on the deal but I have this nagging doubt as to whether they are legit and will be around in the long term for me to retrieve my deposit. Certain aspects stack up but certain others dont, so the current thoughts is to hold off and not commit.

Be keen to understand if anyone knows of anyone who has had vehicles form Synergy Manchester out there.

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - TeeCee

I was also told their T&Cs weren't fully applicable to a longterm rental, but they don't have a copy of T&Cs that are. I asked for a full formal quote but all I ever got was short email responses. There is no regulated credit agreement just pay the fee into their bank every 28 days. I thave ried doing my due diligence on the company but it's proved inconlusive. As a sole trader they aren't registered at companies house,Trading standards in Manchester wouldn't divulged any information under thebdata protection act.

Company dresscode will be chaps, spurs and ten-gallon hats. We're beyond "fly by night" here and well into "standing on a rooftop at dusk while flapping arms vigorously".

So I was about to press the button on the deal but I have this nagging doubt

Funny how the sight of a "good deal" can cloud judgement, isn't it? Try reading what you wrote, there's enough in there for waaaay more than "nagging doubt".

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - unthrottled

Funny how the sight of a "good deal" can cloud judgement, isn't it?

It's the principle behind every classic Ponzi scheme.

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - garyhum


I agree the sight of a "good deal" well and truly clouded my normally very cautious judgement, which I am kicking myself for.

I know the old saying "if something is to good to be true it often is" but if this is some form of scam what can one do to verify their authenticity and protect other potential suitors falling into same situation and actually parting with money

BMW X5 - Credit Hire - Harbor Eyes

Boy oh boy, do I wish I had come across this before getting over excited and handing over £2k to Synergy Manchester. The stupid thing is, I saw the signs but chose to ignore them, even when transferring the money via bacs, I knew something wasn't right but still stupidly did it. Now Im £2k down and Synergy Manchester have disappeared off the face of the earth, claiming to have gone into liquidation. I literally don't know what to do, as I can't work out whether this was a genuine company that has gone into liquidaion or a scam. I googled their address and it would seem that a firm called Acuman Finance are based there instead. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate your help.


BMW X5 - Credit Hire - daveyjp
Trading Standards is your first port of call.
BMW X5 - Credit Hire - bradjazzy
Harbor eyes , I too have paid them £2,370 for a deposit and a first months rental on an Audi A5 that was supposed to have arrived today. When it hadn't arrived by 2pm I tried to call and got a dead line, and then checked the website which said they had gone into liquidation. Upon investigation they are not registered with companies house as a Ltd co so I am afraid wd have been subject to a major fraud. I have spoken to the Police fraud team, consumer advice, insolvency service ( not that they can help as they aren't registered) and my bank who say there is nothing they can do as they were bacs transfers. I am now left with no car and a big hole in my pocket. My husband died last year age 35 and this money was part of what he left me to have a comfortable life, and it has been stolen by thieving scumbags. Happy to talk personally. Oh and I've also emailed Watchdog. For what it's worth.
Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - jsshort

I too paid £2000.00 deposit and a direct debit payment was taken today for the first months deposit. Vehicle was meant to be delivered friday. My present lease vehicle is being collected on friday as well. In a right mess! Totally gutted...... Obviously sounds like a scam. Based in Plymouth but have a friend who has good contacts in Rochdale. He is sending people around to the address tomorrow to try and get more information on these guys. I will try to get the direct debit reversed tomorrow but like everyone else made the fatal mistake of transfering £2000 via BACS for deposit. I spoke to the 'James' at the time as I was uncomfortable paying this money via BACS and wanted to make the payment via credit card. Got sucked in and went against my better judgement. When will I learn that if it looks to good to be true..... it b***** well is. Another lesson in life. Sorry for anyone else who has lost out, and who is feeling as bad as I do now. My office number is 01752 241437. If I get anymore information when my friends visit tomorrow I will post it on this site immediately. Like wise if anyone else gets any more information please forward to the rest of us. Hopefully together we may be able to get some sort of justice.

James Short

Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - bradjazzy
Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - bradjazzy

Hi James

The numbers you need if you have not already done so :

Action Fraud Dept (Police) - 0300 123 2040
Consumer Service (trading Standards) - 0845 404 0506
Please also email, I have sent them copies of all email communication with Synergy.

I urge you to contact them all today, the sooner we act, the sooner they will be caught.

I have a contact who works for one of the major banks and they are going to run a sort code check to advise me which bank their acct is held with, but on first glance it may be Natwest. I should know more on Friday and then I will report the account to that bank as being used for criminal activity.

i also found the company through Leasbam (who incidently hold no responsibility for who advertises on their site) - I was pushed into paying over the deposit by BACS, I had just resigned from my job and to my surprise they took my company car off me the same day, so I had literally a few hours to sort out a new car. I had another quote from a company on the A5 which was not too dissimilar to theirs (but did not include insurance) - so I thought they were pretty genuine. I am also work at senior level in the insurance industry and deal with claims management and credit hire companies, and their website seemed very genuine. The only thing that concerned me was the speed of their responses for information, but I just asssumed James Morgan was a bit slack, you do get them.

Lets hope this gets sorted ASAP and we can all get our money back.

I will also set up a facebook group for this and will post link so we can continue knowledge sharing on that also as it is a good medium for publicity.


Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - oldroverboy

If you look at avis for long term rental they ask £11.000 for 2 months rental on a bmw x5. if you want it on leasing go to an authorised dealer and have face to face contact. Bought online, no copies of t&c's , pressured into paying in one particular way? fool and his money etc. etc.

Sorry no sympathy here!

Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - jsshort


Have reported this to both police fraud hotline and trading standards this morning. Have spoken to the insolvency department who informed me they received a number of calls on this matter yesterday. They have done some research and this company is not a Ltd company and is a sole trader. No insolvency or bankrupcy has been registered so the information we are being fed in a load of rubbish. They have managed to track down via a VAT registration that the owner of Synergy is a gentleman called Abdul Quddus. I am starting to try and find some information on this guy now. Also the account details I have transfered monies to are: Synergy Acc. 23109168, Sort Code: 30·84·62. This is a LLOYDS TSB account. All my business accounts are with LLOYDS so my business manager is presently looking into this with LLOYDS TSB Fraud Department. Hopefully might get some comeback. Will keep you updated with anymore information I find.


Range Rover Sport - Credit Hire - julietu01

Hi Emma I was scammed by the same company on 15/05/12. Please send details on Facebook to my husbands account. He is Jon Turner ex- para and extreamly angry about what has happened to us all.Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards Julie Turner

Fiat 500- Credit Hire - SCAM - justgotaway

Same story here on a Fiat 500 - James at SynergyManchester responded to a Leasebam inquiry and they quoted £750 deposit and £175 per month. Insisted on a £750 BACS deposit. They failed to provide any T&C's and when I asked for clarifcation on payment stated as 28 days or per calendar month he didn't seem to be able to comprehend the Q. When I understood insurance was also included I asked for insurance T&C's but again nothing. On Tuesday 15th May I went ot the Website to get his number and seen that they had posted a liquidation notice.

Seemingly just got away from a £750 scam. - My sympathies to those who didn't.

Checked the URL - registered in 14/11/11 to registrant at

170 Chorley Old Road
United Kingdom

Suggest that this is a good startign point as it would have probably needed a credit card and this would have been the billing address of said card at the time.

Fiat 500- Credit Hire - SCAM - bradjazzy

Thankyou, I have reported this address to the police.

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012

A very well planned and executed SCAM.

Website set up back in November 2011, advertising for staff in February / early March on 13 week temproary contracts premises occupied for between 8-10 weeks adverts in Trade Publications and Leasing Websites as early as March.

These posts highlight only the 'tip of the iceberg' there will be many more to come. I think they actually got vehicles to some customers who have yet to have them taken back from the Main Dealers were they were sub leased from.

The premises were quickly emptied and vacated over the weekend shortly before they 'liquidated themselves' on their website. Their scam took in the Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealerships, Insurance, Accident Management Companies, Solicitors and the end purchasers right across the UK.

Anyone affected by this needs to file their complaint.

The numbers you need if you have not already done so :

Action Fraud Dept (Police) - 0300 123 2040

Consumer Service (trading Standards) - 0845 404 0506

Please also email, Rochdale Trading Standards

ps I actually met 'James Morgan' and I will post his photo online once I retrieve it from the CCTV

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - mackdaddy
We've got another one here!!! I got totally scammed by this company too ive lost £4000 pounds exactly the same way for a depoisit I actually met the two fraudsters James and the Asian guy too. I would pick em out in an I'd parade easily. I'm totally fumin
At these scumbags , I've lost out big time. Anyway I've been to the police and Trading standards but it's gonna take time for a prosecution and whose to say there will be one. If anyone wants to speak to me call me on 07951 555277. I would be grateful for any information.
Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - paulpsynergy

My company Synergy Automotive Ltd (6015644) has been contacted in the region of 20 times over the last 2 weeks by members of the public asking if we could match or better unrealistic quotes that included refundable deposits, Insurance, Full Maintenance etc. Initially we thought this company had cornered the market.

Very quickly I realised this was too good to be true. Synergy Automotive Ltd is not in anyway associated with Synergy Rochdale or Synergy Manchester. We are a Limited company with a consumer credit license and accredited Broker members of the BVRLA -British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.

We understand they have now gone into Liquidation and today we have received a number of calls from concerned customers expecting delivery and now unable to contact them. As they have used our name, people are asking if there is any connection between Synergy Rochdale & Manchester and Synergy Automotive Ltd. I can confirm there is now and never has been any association.

We take great car in the way we interact with our clients, all of our customers are provided with terms and conditions of the contract in good time. All of our agreements are underwritten by Blue Chip Finance Houses, Lex Autolease, Arval to name but 2.

It looks from the chain as if there is already a full investigation underway. I feel for the people that have been taken in by this scam.

Paul Parkinson

Managing Director, Synergy Automotive Ltd (posted for reference)

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - oldroverboy

I feel for the people that have been taken in by this scam.

Paul Parkinson

Managing Director, Synergy Automotive Ltd (posted for reference)

And well done to you for clarifying this. If it is too good to be true................

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012

I have a picture of this SCAM MERCHANT 'James Morgan' from our CCTV but cannot post it online here at the forum so if anybody would like it either emailed or faxed over then please leave your details here and I will get it over to you

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012
Hi David

Have emailed the CCTV image of James Morgan
Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - mackdaddy
Hi, yeah I've got it..Cheers pal.
Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - bradjazzy

Anyone unfortunately taken in by this scam like I have please feel free to contact me on 07970 095232.

I sincerely doubt any of us will ever see our money again as it will have been laundered long before they 'liquidated' but at best lets hope they are found and prosecuted and I will happily sit in court and watch them all go down with a smile on my face for taking £2,400 of my deceased husbands money for their own dishonest gain.


Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - neil-uk

Hi Guys,

I was taken in too.

However, mr Quddos can run but not hide.

Now, I am based in Berkshire, but I have what I believe to be "Mr.Quddos's" address.

I spoke to a lady at Regal, who rented 82 King Street. They got a phone call from them saying the company had gone into 'liquidation'...... Problem here, is that as we all know Sole Traders can't go into liquidation.

The person who set the Voicemail up on the 0161 number is from Regal.... Its a VERY stupid message to leave, and one that shows complete naievity on behalf of Regal who had their details and should of KNOWN not to leave such a message as no Insolvency Practitioners would deal with a Sole Trader.

Regal said they identified ''Mr Quddos" with required ID, and have handed all details over to the debt collection service.

Now, I personally don't believe that we are looking for an Abul Quddos at all, I believe we are looking for two asian people of alternative names (I won't publish them here)..... I have an address possible as well, a home address.

Lets face it, to open an office with some fake ID is one thing. To open an account with Lloyds is another...... Something somewhere will give a clue to who this guy (or guys are). Some people here have CCTV, the bank (should) have CCTV, IP Address if he has used online banking.

I have reported this to Trading Standards, Insolvency Office, Fraud Line...... Has anyone taken other steps. The three aforementioned people said they MAY investigate it, but I think what needs to be done here is Police informed...... IF they are still in the country, the CCTV and any other images could be of great help to the Police...... BUT I found this website by Google, there is no stopping them from doing the same..... I think its necessary to get on to local Police to get their descriptions circulated. What does everyone else think?

Also I was dealing with someone called 'Simon'...... Not Abdul or James..... I am good with accents, and he didn't sound Asain on the phone.

Interestingly, I got an email from 'Simon' confirming the delivery on the 14th May.

I popped the are you regulated question, and was told they were by Ministry of Justice, anyone else get that, MoJ are yet to get back to me.

Please lets help eachother on this, lets circulate..... Drop me a email or private message for specifics people, lets not play our hand too openly to these c***s.

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - lisambo

Oh GOD!! I too was approached through leasebarn - I asked another lease company if the offer they were giving on a ford focus sounded realistic after they told me I had to pay by BACS and had no card facilities!

This sounded alarm bells and the guy at the lease company did some company checks on the name and address and warned me to stear clear.

I also googled the Ministry of defence (that they claimed to be regulated by) and it is not relevant in any way shape or form.

The guy ringing me was Simon & did not sound Asian and seemed really nice...

What a bunch of To@?ers!! So sorry to anyone who transferred money - I can't believe there are such people - Good luck in getting the cash back x

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - Sally Fox

Hi All

So sorry to hear you have the same nightmare as I do! Happily awating the arrival of my C1 on Thursday to discover the 'liquidation' on Wednesday night. £1000 deposit, £99 first month's rental and £25 plate transfer fee. All my family & friends had clubbed together for my 50th birthday for a private plate, but it could only go on a March 11 car or newer. The lease deal was the perfect solution! Ha Ha! Totally gutted. Have contacted the police action fraud department. I have lots of emails, letters, addresses if anybody needs a copy please shout.. Perhaps if enough of us email watch dog they could help.

Chin up guys!

Sally x

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - mackdaddy
I have a picture of James if any 1wants it?.....07951555277

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012

Hi all,

Looks like the Scam Merchants have used other people to secure the premises on their behalf. As mentioned previously photo ID would have been used to secure the short term leases. Looks like the landlords of these premises are the only ones to have been paid, and initially the Vehicle Manufacturers / Dealerships in order to fulfill the first batches of sub leased vehicles. There will be greater out cry once these first batches of vehicles are repossessed by their real owners and the real scale of the deception comes to light.

The premises in Newhey, Rochdale have been used since November and where on month by month rental. I would recommend that anyone caught up in this scam report it not just to their local force but to their local trading standards and the other numbers mentioned in the previous posts. Once the authorities realise the scale of this operation and the reach of it then they may act against these Scam Merchants, until then the victims will have no recourse.

I have circulated a captured image from our CCTV of 'James Morgan' if anyone would like to receive this image then please email me:


Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012

a facebook page has been created please search for:

Synergy Manchester Scam

and post any information

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - LS2012

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - Avant

Just bringing this thread up to the top again. Please use this one to comment on issues with Synergy Manchester, so as to keep it all together.

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - joelrandoll

We also got scammed, offered an Audi A3, paid up £1795 and then saw the 'liquidation' notice on the website.

Feel like anyone we try to contact to take some action is not interested or unable to do anything!

Surely as we all have the bank account number and sort code then there must be a geniune ID behind the account, that can be traced.

Is there an existing police investigation, or does anyone know of a collective course of action? As there seems to be a lot of us that have been victims of this, surely we can make enough noise to catch this guy/guys?

Thanks, Joel

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - julietu01
My dealings were with a simon Bates he had a northern accent with a slight asian twang.I did the transfer on tuesday i tried to reverse the transaction that same day.The bank have been crap i have now been in contact with ombudsman.I have contacted watchdog,action fraud and the police.We need to all stick together,as collectively the police will have to investigate.Does anyone know if the cctv picture has been forwarded to manchester police?My husband has set up a facebook page if anyone wants to view FACEBOOK JON TURNER.My number is 07976400534 if you fancy a chat.I hope we get some positive news soon
Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - neil-uk

Basically, the route to go is to contact Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Bureau, we have a crime number. Police won't do anything as they can't act nationally, where as Fraud Squad can.

Someone wrote here previously that he has had his Business Manager at Lloyds contact their Fraud Department.

We have done the same....... Looking at this thread alone, we are talking over £15,000 of fraud.... You can't draw this out of the Cash Point, and if you do the account will be frozen.

There will either be an in-branch transaction, or a BACS transfer. As this gets investigated a tree of accounts will appear until they are finally traced.

Either the money has gone out of the account it was BACS'd into, or still there. Following any claims of Fraud (as far as I am aware) the bank by regulation HAVE to freeze the bank account pending investigation - this is regarless of if this information comes from the Police or at Consumer level.

I think the net will begin to close in fairly soon. In the grand scheme of things someone somewhere will (if they haven't already) cock up..... I am confident we will get our money back, however the question remains IF it they will be brought to justice.

Its going to sound REALLY stupid, but this was (acually) a very plausable business proposition...... Yes its a scam, we know that now..... BUT it seems they have scammed car companies, insurance companies etc..... IF they had actually applied themselves and not scammed people, it COULD have been a successful business!!

Also, I assume everyone sent their Driving Licenses in? Be careful of that, and watch the Bank Statements for irregulararities.

Lastly, whilst its good people are uniting here and displaying their phone numbers, I would strongly advise that you speak with high caution to anyone calling claiming to know about this case........ I have my leads and am reluctant to place them here, but displaying numbers here is no stopping them calling up and asking what you know, pretending to be someone else who has been 'scammed'!

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - unthrottled

ts going to sound REALLY stupid, but this was (acually) a very plausable business proposition.

Leasing out cars at rates well below market value is never a plausible business proposition. These cars have to be paid for by someone! This is just another Ponzi scheme.

I wish all of you the very best in your attempts to bring these crooks to justice, but I'm afraid the money is gone foreveer.

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - bradjazzy
Hi all
Just to let you know I have used a company called OSV Ltd to source a new car this week after being done by these scumbags, they have been very helpful and sympathetic and done all they can to help, have sourced me the same vehicle (but obviously more expensive) but tried to keep
Deposit low as they know I've just lost £2,400. Number is 01903 538835 Ashley.
Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - pennant

I'm another one who got conned to the tune of £2481. Just to add insult to injury, I had to pay another £1.09 to cover the shortfall on postage for the letter they sent to tell me they had gone into liquidation! Does anyone know if the fraud squad is actually carrying out an investigation into this scam. The reference number on my deal was 142. Does this mean that there were 142 deals, or more, at about £2000 each?

The postings seem to have stopped on this site. This worries me because unless we can persuade the fraud squad that this was a scam on a huge scale, which it obviously is, they might think its only a handful of people and do nothing.

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - Lulu-Moo

I'm another victim of this scam! Paid my deposit of over £1700 in April, expected my car to be delivered a couple of weeks ago. James insisted the car would be arriving as arranged, on the delivery day there was no sign of the car and no answer on the Rochdale office phone. The next morning I called the Manchester office to be told by some receptionist girl that the "Company" had gone in to liquidation. Very unhelpful! By the next day the website had been replaced with a blank page and that was it! I've contacted all of the places mentioned on here (including Watchdog) and i've recently received a letter from Manchester Police saying the crime I reported is being investigated. I have also written to the Fraud Department of the bank involved. Just wish i'd gone locally in the first place rather than putting trust in these "people". I've written off the money and it would just be a bonus if I got it back. No lives lost!I did manage to track down that the owner of the company is an Abdul Quddus, he is a sole trader and has not gone bankrupt. So it's pretty much us against him.

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - LS2012

Looks like a similar scam was operating in the same area back in 2008 and 2009 maybe the same people are involved:

The scam is still active and is operating in different regions across England.

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - LS2012

sorry here is the free index reviews for Direct Auto Lease

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - sussex1
Hi all, I to am another victim of this scam, paid £1281 for a Kia sportage, only paid the deposit on the Monday when the car was due to be delivered on the Wednesday, had a really horrible feeling about the whole thing on the Tuesday and after trying to contact James on the Tuesday with no luck, number out of service I checked the website to find the liquidation message. I too spoke to Katie who was supposedly just a main receptionist who told me the liquidation company would be in touch with me, but this number has since gone out of service. I have reported this to
My local fraud team, ect. I have been given the same details as other seem to have been given I.e sole trader Abdul quddas ect. I am currently waiting to hear back from trading standards who are trying to find me an address so as I can file a claim through small claims court. I have also contacted watch dog but have not heard back from them. Any other information people may have I would greatly appreciate. Besides the fact that the money I have lost is a large amount in my cicumstances we can not let these scam artists get away with it. There seems to be an awful lot of us that have been sucked into this and between us all we have lost serious amounts of money, we should work together and make sure they don't get away with it!please contact me with any other info
Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - Loz A5
I too was also taken for £2330 for an A5. Seemed plausible and the insurance made it a good deal but in hind sight, there were signs, but having spent 6 years in a currupt 3rd world country, I came back to England with my trusting head on. Foolish. Seems a wealth of data has been reported so far and that must help the police. Had I not been in such a hurry I might have smelled a rat but hindsight is always 20/20. Here's hoping the banks can track the money if not the perps.
Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - LS2012

Hi Loz have you reported this to Greater Manchester Police? Please notify them so they can realise the scope of this operation.

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - LS2012

Can anyone affected by this scam please post on the facebook page

please post brief details of vehicle, deposit, dates etc and your location (please do not post your full address) so that a picture / trail of the scam can be tracked.

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - BobL

This article probably answers a lot of questions. Hopefully toe rag will go to jail shortly but don`t count on it

Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - zepher

OMG same happened to us, synergy manchester asked £1200 for a mitsubishi L200 and well you all know what happened next. I've been trying to serve a court orders to Abdul Quddis, no-wonder i have not had a reply!! So glad to of came across this site by chance, its almost relieving to see im not the only person to get sucked in. I will phone the fraud help line tomorrow and i have contacted watchdog, a massive thankyou to everyone for their advice on here .LETS HOPE THEY GET THE SCUMBAGS CAUSE IM GOING TO BE SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW SMILING WHEN THEY GO DOWN. I want to see if they look as gutted as i did when they took my hard earned money. I too xcontacted their bank lloyds tsb acc no 23109168 sort code 308462 on the15 may they were not much help at the time. Manchester evening news have written a report on it on the 7/5 it says police have arrested a man in Bolton check it out . fingers crossed!!

thanks again


Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - neil-uk
Hi Guys,

I reported to Trading Standard and have a crime number but thats it.

I also wrote to Lloyds with no reply (yet).

some of you seem to be saying you have recieved letters from Manchester Police, so I should I be contacting them to ensure that they have me on file as well maybe?

I am also strongly of the opinon that Synergy (the real one) have had their emails hacked, as fake Synergy called me, and obviously I thought no more about it!
Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - LS2012
Hi Neil,

Synergy Manchester did not hack Synergy Automotive emails or website they just careful alligned themselves with an established company. Please contact GMP so that they can gather as much evidence as possible, as a person has been arrested and bailed pending further enquiries. The more information available then the higher the chance of catching them. The more people who report it then the true scale of the scam will become evident.
Synergy Manchester - Credit Hire - neil-uk
Hi Neil, Synergy Manchester did not hack Synergy Automotive emails or website they just careful alligned themselves with an established company..

I am dealing with GMP, and will tell you what I did them. I have (just now AGAIN) checked my emails, and at no point did I send an email to Synergy Manchester BEFORE "Simon" called me. So where did they get my details? What, however my Browser History does show is that on the day before I was contacted by "Simon" I filled in the form on the Synergy Automotive website. Are you in all seriousness telling me that "Simon" from Synergy Manchester called me, knew I was interested in the car I mentioned in my form to Synergy Automotive, and it so happens to be the day after I filled in the form on the website......??? I have spoken to the Synergy Automotive, and they said that I wasn't the first person to report back to them that this hacking had possibly happened.

Synergy Manchester - BMW X5 - Credit Hire - I know this scumbag!

I know names and addresses of these people that have scammed you, i dont know how to send a pirvate message on here though!


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