Honda Jazz - Need help on a Deal on a Honda Jazz... - mmarsh

I need help on this offer below...

The dealer is offering 16557 including the drivers console (a 200 EURO accessory, floormats 60 EUROS, a full tank of Gas - 60 EUROS, and the 350 EUROS for the legal paperwork.

However there is a catch. To get this "deal" I have to agree to use their credit system -5000 EUROS for 36 Months at 4.9%. I plan to pay 12000 IN CASH.

I am a first time buyer, and I am sure he can sense it. But even to my Noobie nose this doesnt seem like such a great offer, in fact I think I am getting no deal at all. I am a mostly a cash buyer and am not get a whole lot in return, and in order to get this "deal" I am tied into a financing plan where I have to borrow more than I really need.

I am sure he can wiggle. My two questions are as follows...

A) is this a good deal?

B) if this ISNT a good deal what should I counteroffer?


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