LagunaII 1.9Dci Fuel injection fault - JohnM{P}
Anyone else had this problem with their diesel LagunaII?

Intermittant 'Fault in Fuel injection' message, car refuses to go over 2,200 rpm. Fault clears if you stop and restart engine
(not too feasible in outside lane!).

'Air valve' and 'solenoid' have been changed under warranty, car going back shortly for 5th attempt at sorting. (Fault first occurred at 17,000 miles, now at 31,000 miles; fault usually occurs well into a journey, dealer has examined car with the engine running with the fault (- changed air valve))

I fear an intemittant electrical gremlin...
LagunaII 1.9Dci Fuel injection fault - JohnM{P}
In case anyone is interested, (though there were no replies, so it must be a rare problem), this was fixed with an upgrade to the engine computer management system (after I managed to get the car to the dealer again with the fault displayed)

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