Hyundai ix35 - ksj

Those who read this column regularly will know I'm trying to find a car to accomodate 3 children in the back without paying the earth, and without saying goodbye to the pleasure of driving and economy. I've never owned a Hyundai, but I like the look of the ix35, the reviews and the fact I can get 3 kids in the back. I'd buy one now, but for the drive, which reminds me of acquaplaning in a 205. Any views?

Hyundai ix35 - oldtoffee

I considered one but found it a bit too cramped in the rear and at the time not enough discount off it making it not much less than the bigger Santa Fe that I ended up buying with a big discount. I thought the ix35 drove pretty well, bit firmly sprung but ok around town and didn't roll too much in the bends, fairly quiet and smooth, overall a bit car like and good on the motorway. I don't "get" your 205 aquaplaing reference.

Hyundai ix35 - Craigdm
I ran a 2.0 diesel premium for 12 months and 15k miles. Lovely vehicle, and i came down from a mercedes. Certainly don't get where you're coming from with your Peugeot reference though.
I think the styling is looking a bit dated now though. It was a big step up for Hyundai, but I now go for the Kia Sportage. Basically the same car, but a bit more modern on the styling front IMHO.

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Hyundai ix35 - ChannelZ

What size are you kids, that they don't fit in the back of something smaller? I remember being in the back of a Triumph Acclaim in the 80s with 6 other kids. We didn't die.

Hyundai ix35 - veryoldbear

I trump you with 4 kids in the back of a Triumph GT6 ...

Hyundai ix35 - concrete

Well if it's bragging rights up for grabs!! How about four 17 years old young rugby players plus myself in a Skoda Superb. Sounds easy eh!! Well I am 6'2" and 16 stones and I am the smallest and luckily the driver. Two of them are 6'5" and 16 stones. I ferry them to away matches and back again in relative comfort. They are now my regulars and guard the priveledge of a lift in my Superb jealously, simply because of the leg and head room. So, go buy a Superb. Cheers Concrete

Hyundai ix35 - ksj

Thanks for the input, haven't tried the Sportage - asked a Kia dealership the 3 kids in the back question, they immediately said no way, so I didn't look at it further. Maybe I should. Took out another ix35 today on a long run and was happy with the steering - it's so much lighter than any other car I've owned that first impressions were a lack of control and that the car was all over the road - explains the dubious 205 reference. Now that was a great little car.

Hyundai ix35 - ChannelZ

That's a modern Hyundai trait - the OH's i30 is very light to drive, and initally I feel like I'm driving on ballbearings. After an hour it's fine. Then I get back in to my Mondeo (2005, 80k) and it feels like driving a tank - heavy pedals, slow steering. Both handle pretty well, it's just adjusting to the different driving characteristics.


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