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Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel R reg - Oil Leak with pictures - Camshaft seal ? - liammcl

Would anyone be good enough to advise on this oil leak,
which has just appeared a few days ago?

I'm guessing it's the camshaft seal leaking?

There's only a few drops at the moment,
but I am a bit concerned about whether the seal (if it is that)
has a tendency to pop out & take the oil with it.

(Cleaned )

(Same day , after a 100 mile journey)

Looking on the internet,
a recommendation was to keep the oil level below 3/4's on the dipstick on this model.

So, I invested in one of these from Machine Mart for £12 & have found it to be brilliant !

Now, the oil level is back around half full.

Any ideas of what else it could be? or what to do?
Botchits more than welcome :o)


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Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel R reg - Oil Leak with pictures - Camshaft seal ? - rcbikeracer

Looks lke the oil seal needs replacing, Should not be too expensive a job if you know a good back street garage. As for running the oil at half level, one job of the oil is cooling. final thought, oil on the timing oil could cause problems due to slippage and damage to the belt. !

Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel R reg - Oil Leak with pictures - Camshaft seal ? - 659FBE

The TUD5 engine has had revisions as to oil capacity which have been aimed at lengthening the service intervals. My own view is that the latest "full" capacity is excessive and would recommend running this engine to no more than the "3/4" mark on the dipstick.

Coincidentally, this gives the earlier max oil volume. Any engine has to be designed to operate to its full specification with the oil at any level between the stipulated dipstick markings. An allowance is also made for operating on steep inclines.

A TUD5 when overfull will leak oil onto the cambelt from the crankshaft seal. If your camshaft seal is leaking, as it appears, then it needs to be changed. Crankcase oil level has vey little effect on seals at the top of the engine.

If you do this job, ensure that you fully understand the procedure for locking, timing and tensioning the cambelt with both the camshaft and injection pump wheels free on the hubs. Only when the engine is timed correctly with the locking pins and the belt is fully tensioned should the three bolts on each of these wheels be tightened. All of the bolts should then be within the adjustment range of their slots. New belts are marked with the engagement points on the wheels (dot marked) but the crank TDC mark only aligns when the engine is rotated about 1/2 turn.

UK domestic door handle square shaft is a perfect fit in the tensioner hole for tightening the belt. The TUD5 is an excellent small no-nonsense IDI diesel.


Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel R reg - Oil Leak with pictures - Camshaft seal ? - liammcl

Thank you both for your replies !

At least now I know it is a job that needs to be done, rather than left and hope for the best ! :)

It is strange how it only started leaking a day after the MOT test,
...though it must be coincidence !

Thank you 659,
I think I understand you about locking the wheels etc,
after completed a head gasket a few months back with the invaluable help from yourself and others on the forum.

Many thanks for that !

I still haven't put the square door handle back in the door from the last time,
so at least that'll save doing that job ! :)

Thanks again

Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel R reg - Oil Leak with pictures - Camshaft seal ? - liammcl

ps just to add,
the head gasket wasn't replaced on this car.
It was another one , which unfortunatley is no longer of this mortal coil. :o)


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