Vectra boot leak - Quinny
I have a 97 Vectra diesel and like my Cavalier before it,water leaks into the boot.The seal is snugly fit and I can't see any apparent reason why it does this.

Anybody got any ideas?

It'll certainly be the last Vauxhall I buy if they all do this.
Vectra boot leak - Dynamic Dave
Hatch, Saloon, or Estate?
If hatch/estate, it "could" be the wash/wipe. Had the pipe split on my Cavalier between the body of the car and the hatch, under the flexible bellows in the corner.
Has it got a sunroof fitted. Are the pipes fitted into the rubber grommet drain holes correctly?
Have you tried laying in boot while someone outside sprays water over car - starting low down and slowly working the water upwards?
Vectra boot leak - Dynamic Dave
To add to my earlier message, I might have misled you slightly with the wash/wipe as on the Vectra the washer nozzle is mounted in the aerial mounting, not on the hatch/tailgate, like the Cavaliers were - so the pipework won't go through the flexible bellows in the corner. However, one of the places I would check is that the grommets at each end of these bellows are securely mounted into the bodywork and into the hatch/tailgate.
Vectra boot leak - NabLane
I've a 96 Vectra Hatch that I've owned from new (sad, I know) and after about 11 months it started to leak water into the boot. The dealership removed the rear wash-wiper assembly from the hatch and used some plastic sealant around the hole where the wiper arm enters the hatch. I still have the car, and there's been no leaking into the boot since.
Vectra boot leak - prm
I have the same problem, but it seems to leak over the rubber seals and run down the inside of the hatch. It seems there isn't a good enough seal between the hatch and the rubber, any ideas anyone please?
Vectra boot leak - John S

Try loosening the bolts on the hatch lock latch plate on the body and moving it a mm or two to pull the hatch tighter when closed. This will pull the hatch more firmly onto the sealing rubber.


John S
Vectra boot leak - Quinny
Thanks chaps.I'll try the above at the weekend.
Vectra boot leak - wemyss
Had my vectra hatch from new in 1998 and just outside the warranty noticed the car was misting up inside very easy and found the carpet wet through on the left hand rear near the light cluster.
Spent a whole day with a hosepipe with no conclusive results so called into Pentagon Ashbourne and asked one of the mechanics if they had any experience of this.
he said they had two places where they had experienced leaks. One was the rear windscreen assembly and the other was as Dave previously stated the rubber bellows which takes the cables through into the hatch.
He said they had replaced the rubber bellows but as there was so many wires which would have to be cut and reconnected I was a bit doubtful on this advice.
After a huge amount of testing with an hosepipe and after using silicone sealer on the rubber bellows I was convinced it was none of these suggestions which were leaking.
Just behind the top line of the doors there is a strip of rubber about 200mm long on both side of the car. I prised out the left hand one and found a pinhole. Sticking a fine bradawl in it stopped within a few mill. This was the culprit and after using silicone and then paint it stopped completely.
How water could get down this was uncanny.
If you remove the side trim in the boot and using a lead light with an assistant running a slow hosepipe you may see it dripping down.
Hope this works for you so let us know.
Vectra boot leak - PeterC
Not sure if you've found the leak by now but this may help:
I had a Cavalier and the boot/rear passenger footwells would fill with water. The garage traced it to water ingress through the rear light apertures (the holes in the bodywork where the rear leights fit.) They removed the lights and sealed the joint and problem solved.
Vectra boot leak - dazzo
Just spent the whole day investigating a similar problem on my 96 Vectra, only thing I found any evidence of was a leak at the rear windscreen wiper motor shaft, the rubbers seem poorly fitted and may be worth checking (the trim attached to the hatch is very wet and mildew when taken off), the sunroof area looks to be bone dry, as do the rear lights, apart from condensation, wetness in mine has spread as far as the rear seat footwells and my kids now have a mobile paddling pool, I eagerly await any further suggestions as I'm now at a loss if it carries on leaking after attacking it with silicone!
Vectra boot leak - AR-CoolC
Try checking the rear quarter glasses. they appear to be bonded into place but are actually a dry fit, bolted into place with a soft rubber seal. When replacing these glasses I have on occasion noticed that the old glass I'm removing has not had a full seal. Pretty rare but worth a try.
Vectra boot leak - Dom F {P}
Until last year I had a 95 2.0 SRi Hatch, and found exactly the same symptoms as you. After I had stripped out all the trim just forward of the left light cluster I also found water running down the inside of the body.

I found the cause to be on the top left corner of the boot aperture. There is a round grommet about an inch in diameter through which a set of cables go, and presumably end up at the top of the bootlid. That grommet leaked copiously and ended up being replaced by my local dealer.

May be different problem to yours, as one of the posts re a pinhole under roof trim wasn't an option I looked at.

Dom F

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