Micra radio - Quinny
My missus has a 97 Micra 1.3 SR.I quite like to drive it as it goes like the proverbial off a shovel,however the radio reception is patchy,to say the least.It has the roof mounted aerial above the drivers door,but even fully erect,(oooeeerrr missus)it doesn't make any difference.

Has anyone else had this problem,and if so,what was the cause and what did you do to rectify it?

Micra radio - Drivethru
Everyone I know with a micra (2 people!) have this problem. I have a year 2000 one the same. I can't get a good reception at all, only solution is to play tapes.
Micra radio - mikem004
I had this with my 95 Micra.
Turned out the whole aerial section which is mounted in the front pillar needed replacing. About £35 from Nissan main dealer. These Micra aerials are easily bent as they protrude so much.

Does reception improve as you bend the aerial slightly? If so, may be a dodgy connection or the whole aerial may need changing.

Symptoms of mine included FM reception being OK sometimes, MW reception total crap.

Nowadays, I only have the aerial protruding about 1 inch. Reception is excellent, MW or FM.


Micra radio - Quinny
Thanks Mike,I'll look into that.She's only had the car about 4 months,but the radio isn't covered under the warranty,so it looks like I'll have to get a new one.But in saying that,I wonder if the connections were cleaned under the aerial it might improve? I'll have a look at the weekend.


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