Auction problem - daveyK_UK

I would like your opinion.

A member of staff purchased a car from an auction centre who have a number of outlets across the country and are commonly identifed by a 3 letter acronym (Im sure you can work out who I am talking about).

Car was purchased, v5 filled in and handed back to cashier (with convienent £26 handling charge) and v5c handed over with key pass, service book, etc.

Its now been 6 weeks, still no sign of new V5 and no acknowledgement letter of DVLA.


1. When is it safe to assume the V5 has 'gone missing' from auction centre to the DVLA?

2. What chance of a refund (£26) from auction house as the charge for the handling of v5 has not been carried out successfully? My experience and other peoples experience has generally been of a poor customer service from this auction group.

6. Do they contact auction centre or dvla to progress?

Auction problem - tony g
Hi dave ,I would guess that 6 weeks is about the maximum for the return of the log book/v5.

You can ring the dvla at Swansea ,they will tell you if they have received the v5 and when they are likely to send it out .

Alternatively ,you have the green slip v5c2. If you download a lost v5 application form from the dot gov website ,you can apply for a replacement v5 free of charge by enclosing the green slip .keep a copy of it . If you don't have the green slip the cost is about £20.

As to a refund from the auction ,no chance ,the three letters you mention actually stand for b***** crap auction .I don't use them anymore ,the buyers fees they charge after the hammer falls are far to high .The £28 v5 fee is ludicrous ,it takes their staff or me about 10 minutes to complete .


Tony g
Auction problem - csgmart

Agree that 6 weeks is too long. I bought a car mid Jan and the new V5 was with me 2 weeks later.

Auction problem - grimep

I visited my local branch several times last summer, I figured I needed to add at least £600+ to the hammer price to get the car on the road to cover fees and charges, tax, MOT, servicing and transportation. And then there's taking a day off work with the chance you may not actually buy on the day, so all in all I reckoned it would be costing me around a grand. Given the high hammer prices I was seeing it became obvious its actually cheaper to buy from a garage.


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