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Hi, I have a Corsa C 53 reg (2003) 1.0l 12v

The car drove fine, I parked up and 3 hours later it will not start. Breakdown said fuel pump was knackered but I have disproved that - i think.

The car turns over fine, all of the instruments work normally. The yellow car light with a spanner in is showing in the dash when turned to position 2. When pressing the brake and accelerator to get the faut code I get two codes. 0560 - low system voltage input, and 2108 - something to do with the ABS. (Don't think that would stop the car starting.) Also the central locking no longer works. The only key I have is the none remote locking key as this was damaged a few years ago. It has run fine since then.

I have changed the CPS and Cam Shaft sensor. I have drained the ECU also to try and reset this and remove any faults, with no affect.

I have a spark at each plug, and appear to be getting fuel in the cylinder and if i relieve the fuel pressure at the injector rail it repressurises when next attempting to start. I have checked the fuel pump relay and the ignition relay also which I belive are good.

I have taken the air pipework off and can see the inlet air butterfly valve operating, and it opens further when the throttle is depressed.

Please can anyone give me some further help, r do I give in and get someone to come and look at it.

Many thanks for reading, all help or ideas appreciated.

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Common fault with the Corsa C is the immobiliser ring fails. It's the pickup round the ignition key that senses the chip in the key.

It's an easy fix, part off Vx, strip off the cowl around the wheel and replace the ring.

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Normally noticed by the engine light flashing whilst cranking.

They also suffer with a bad earth to the ECU. They often need a 30 amp cable with soldered eyelets fitted from the neg batt treminal to the ECU body. When this bad earth occurs it stops them starting and the engine light flashes

Vauxhall Corsa C - Car will not start, Help please! - 1litregolfeater

Could just be a low battery


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