Renault Clio 1.2 16v Petrol 2003 - Renault Clio Car wont start, got spark and fuel - topman4it

Hi there all mechanics, I have a clio 1.2 16v Petrol 2003 model that wont start, the problem is sometimes it starts and other times it wont. It has a good spark and plenty of fuel pressure going into the rail but wont start most days. I have a spare fuel rail with injectors in it and have tried using it as a slave which I have connected to the fuel line and then taken off multiplug to No 4 and connected it to the slave and when I crank it over nothing comes from the injector. If I spray easystart into the filter housing it will start momentarily which tells me it must be fuel. I have done a diag and it says P0225 which is the throttle pedal, I have replaced the pedal from the one in my wifes car which is the same model and her car drives fine but still the same, renault say it may be the crank position sensor as there has been an upgrade to a blue plug with about 4 inches of loom along with new Crank sensor. I would have thought that if that was the problem I would not get a spark. I have also replaced MAP sensor and injectors, anybody out there with tips or advice would be most appreciated. any emails with tips to (genuine email address I assure you) Really desperate for this Thanks all!!

Renault Clio 1.2 16v Petrol 2003 - Renault Clio Car wont start, got spark and fuel - Jessica Leigh

ive had the same problem with my clio but the thing was i run out of petrol but my car is missing really bad and looses alot of power,ive been told that i need a new injector cable by a renault specialist but ive also been told that i need a new coil pack and spark plugs,have you tried your spark plugs and coil pack?hope its a bit of a help


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