Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - mandy1967

I have a 20 month fiesta noticed water gathering in driver footwell,ford are telling me it is a wear and tear problem, trying to find out if it is a warrenty or manufacturer problem

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - Ethan Edwards

Water in the footwell - wear and tear.....would anyone actually believe that?

That 'explanation' is pure dealer fresh smelly bovine excrement.

Most likely you have a leaky door seal - it's a dealer warranty issue.

Best of luck.

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - thunderbird

We had a similar problem with a Mondeo. It was the plastic films behind the door trims that were damaged when some warranty paintork had been done. The plastic film was considered to be "trim" and trim is only covered for 1 year, we had to pay £30 a door to get it fixed and then tried to claim it back from Ford. The Customer Help Line is £1.00 and minute and after 2 minutes I gave up. Don't drive Fords now.

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - jamie745

Water in footwell on a 20 month old car is supposed to be 'wear and tear' is it?

Ford make fantastic cars but the nonsense spoken by their dealers still amazes me.

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - RicardoB

"Wear and tear". Outrageous fob-off nonsense, if that's what the dealer really thinks.

As others have said, sounds like a door or window seal water leak or maybe (but not sure on Fiesta) a leak around the pollen filter etc.

If it's only 20 months old, then they should listen and sort it out.

Good luck - but you shouldn't need it. How about trying a different Ford dealer?

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Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - Bromptonaut

MAybe I've missed it but has anybody confirmed it's rainwater and not coolant leaking from heater plumbing? An old Peugeot of mine leaked that way occasionally - turned out to be a cylinder head gasket problem pressuring the cooling circuit.

Coolant will have a distinctive smell and will feel slightly greasy on the fingers.

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - dpbest92

I had exactly the same happen to me not too long ago to a 58 reg fiesta

After a small battle and 3 visits i managed to get the dealer to sort it and apparently it is a problem Ford are aware of, a TSB (technical service bullitin) memo was released to dealers about it and how to solve it.

As the dealer was initially unhelpful i rang Ford customer relations on 0845 841 1111 , they were very good and spoke to the dealer and seemed to change there attitute!, i recieved phone calls from ford regularly untill the problem was solved and everything dried.

The problem was a small hole next to the bonnet hinges which was never filled during manufacturing, resulting in rain getting in, soaking through a foam 'dashpad' and down to the carpets.

I would recommend ringing this number as the dealer did change their attitude after this from 'i dont want to know' to being very helpful and sorting AND drying it all out as the foam dashpad is quite thick and would never dry otherwise

Hope this helps


Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - Sinc_99


It appears that we have the same problem on our 09 Fiesta.

I called the local dealer who was not much help, so I called Ford Customer Relations on the number you supplied. They were initially helpful and opened a case, but when I asked them to search for this TSB they told me that they couldn’t provide me with that information and that I would need to contact my local dealer. However after a few words they agreed to contact my local dealer on my behalf.

It would be very useful if you can provide the TSB number if you have it. Thank you

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - carl233

In all the years Ford have been making cars it is amazing that issues like this are not picked up before leaving the factory. Considering Ford were founded in 1903 surely they can design and build a car that leaves the factory in a waterproof condition.

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - No FM2R II

I don't know for sure but perhaps its this one....

TSB 21-2011

Ford Fiesta - water in footwell - Determined

Hi Darren,

I'm currently having a leak issue like yours with my mk6.5 fiesta. Is this the same style as yours as I know the new shape was introduced in 2008 as well.




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