Peugeot 306 1.4 Petrol 1997 Non Keypad - Immobiliser Problems?? - Cambsguy

Help the end of my tether now. Car will not start and have been told that the immobiliser has kicked in. Has occasionally started and then when engine is switched off will not re-start.

Is there any way of bypassing the immobiliser??

My local Pug dealer sold ma a new Ignition Barrel Ariel to talk to chip in key (no need to have reprogrammed on this version) Fitted it and makes no difference.

Have read elsewhere on this site about a box under back seat.....does not appear to be one on mine, just an orange connector in middle of back seat. Disconnected and reconnected anyway. No difference.

Cannot find any switches by headlights as has also been suggested.

Alarm is the type that is independent to immobiliser and this seems to work ok.

Red LED in centre console flashes when trying to start car, but engine just turns over but does not try to fire which makes me think it is not the coil pack.

Any ideas greatly appreciated as cannot afford main dealer prices for such an old car but apart from this she has beeen so reliable I would hate to put her prematurely in the big scrapyard in the sky!

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.


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