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Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Rocketman

I need to top fluid on this car (1.6HDi 110) - it's not been done and I really want to do it ASAP as the car is on 103k miles.

The veh registered Feb 05 and is on a 54 Plate. 3C9HZC MODEL. (I can supply full Vin if required but via pm only)

1. Can some one confirm that I need F7795 Infineum. (used to be called 176???) is the correct fluid for this car?

I don't know what colours the connectors to tank are? The car is away and really need to get this done. I understand Green connectors for this fluid??

2. Also, even though the car has not indicated fluid level as being low, do I still need to get the counters re-set by a dealer/Pug Plannet owner fter top up??

3. Is it just worth getting the 3L or can I get away with 1L top up??

Thanks in advance

Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Rocketman

Thanks for looking, this is the correct fluid I'm going to fill to spill or 3l which every comes first - time to brave the cold, let's hope it warms up soon.....

(of course I won't spill it, I know it's not pleasant stuff...)

Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Collos25

Is it telling you its low on fluid

Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Rocketman

Sorry for the delay in getting back.

No we've had no top up additive or similar indications. About a month ago we had "Pollution Fault" indication but a fast/hot burn up and down the bypass soon put that to bed. In 105K miles this is only the second time we've had that "Pollution Fault"

I believe that the DPF is probably way over due cleaning/replacement as the car has progressively but slowl loss in power and fuel consumption over the last 15K and is getting worse.

Can you see what level the Eolys Fluid is at? Is worth taking the wheel off to have a look?

I may get chance to look tomorrow before I buy some new fluid.

Is there a run out date on this fluid? Only I've found some on Flea Bay and I've checked it's the correct fluid but it has an arrow indicating May 2014. Is this a "best before date or use by date??


Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Rocketman

Well I didn't around to doing it before the diesel additive low level warning came on.

It's now topped up, local veh electrician has tried to re-set counters and clear fault but the dreaded fuel cap sensor fault code is also there.

He's not too sure but thinks he can't clear the low level warning due to the fuel cap sensor fault.

I know I have to get a new sensor and fit it ASAP but will that stop the low level warning being cleared?


Peugeot 307 - Eolys Fluid Top up - Collos25
It has to be put on a Peugeot computer (not Citroen)its called "Planet"they have a monoply on the OB11 program unless you know somebody who has bought one.

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