Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex, 2008 - HELP!!! problems within 2 weeks of purchase!! - BeckyW

I am in desperate need of some advice!! This post will not be technically correct, as I know absolutely NOTHING about cars!!

2 weeks ago i purchased a used 2008 Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex from a Vauxhall dealer... The whole experience has been a nightmare, but my main issue is surrounding the 1 month warranty. Also, as a point of note, the deal was done on the basis that the vehicle had a MAJOR service before I collected it.

The day i took the vehicle home I was told it had had it's major service. On the way home a headlight bulb blew. I checked the service book, and saw the vehicle had only had an interim service, not the major one as I had requested. In fact, the only thing "ticked off" on the list was new front brake pads. I had the headlight bulb replaced at Halfords, who pointed out there was no cover on the headlight unit, which had probably let moisture in and caused the bulb to blow.

Sure enough, the next day the new bulb went too. I called the dealership, and asked them to have a look. I was messed around saying they needed the car the whole day, and were generally very obstructive and unhelpful. I arranged to take the car in 2 days later.

In the two days in between, I had an INSP4 code appear, and from checking the book saw this meant water in the diesel filter. I called the garage and said when they had it in for the light I wanted this looking at too....On the day I took the car in, I called them at lunch time to ask how they were getting on. I got told they were waiting on a part to come for the light, and that it would be ready in 2 hours. I asked if the filter had been fixed and they claimed not to have known it needed doing, but would get it done.

So I went to pick the car up 2 hours later, and was told I had a whole new headlight unit fitted, and the fuel filter had been replaced. They were unable to print me an invoice, but gave me a copy of the engineers notes. It was clear that the words " replace and fit new diesel filter" had been added on by someone else, in different handwriting.

There was also a comment that simply said "engineer notes DMF/clutch" I enquired what this meant and was told it was nothing to worry about, and that it "would need replacing at some point but not yet." I asked if they meant once they were out of the months warranty and was told it wouldn't be covered by the warranty anyway, which I was not given any paperwork for at all.

Having had a browse through this website and google, the substantial rattle I hear in low gears and when using the clutch would suggest that these mysterious parts will need replacing sooner rather than later! 2 days after this, my INSP4 warning came back on, which is leading me to think that they never replaced the filter after all. The rattling noise is getting louder and more prolonged, and the dealership are being less than helpful about having a look at these problems.

I only have 2 weeks left on my months warranty,work shift work, and am told that their " sales department cannot offer courtesy cars, only their service and bodyshop customers have access to these. I cannot get the car to the garage within the 2 weeks, as again they want it for a whole day and I cannot be without a vehicle.Every trip to the dealers is a 30 mile round trip, and I am now getting worried that I've spent good money on a car that is actuallygoing to need alot more money spent on it so soon after I have bought it.

Does anyone know where I stand in relation to making the dealer fix these faults at no further cost to me, or am I just going to have to put my hand in my pocket again???

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Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex, 2008 - HELP!!! problems within 2 weeks of purchase!! - bonzo dog

Hi Becky, sorry to hear of your problems. A few points if I may:

  1. Firstly, forget about the one month's warranty - it is completely meaningless other than an attempt by the dealer to convince you that you only have one month's "come-back"
  2. You have a legal right that the vehicle is in "reasonable" condition when you buy it & that it remains in "reasonable" condition for a certain amount of time.
  3. The only thing is, "reasonable" is not defined & is dependent on the age, mileage & price paid
  4. Nevertheless, faults developing immediately after collecting the car will invariably be seen by the courts as being unreasonable
  5. Also the car has to be "as described" which would include the major service which was agreed.
  6. On the other hand I take it that this major service was NOT in writing? If so, forget it; they will just deny agreeing this
  7. My advice - go back to the dealer, preferably with a 6'5" muscle-bound, tattoo'd boxer (seriously! It can make all the difference) & ask for your money back.
  8. If he refuses then write, recorded delivery asking for a refund.
  9. If he ignores this or says no, go legal. Trading Standards can sometimes assist but in my opinion often cop-out

Sorry if it's not what you want to hear but good luck

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex, 2008 - HELP!!! problems within 2 weeks of purchase!! - tony g
Hi becky,
As bonzo dog says ignore the one month warranty aspect of your purchase.
It's a try on by the dealer who sold you the car.
It's quite possible that the dealer would be responsible for repairs to your car for up to 6 months.

If you feel that the dealer who you bought the car from is treating you unfairly.I would suggest that you take the car to a different vauxhall dealer.

Don't tell him you've just bought the car.

Instead describe the faults you think your car has , ask them to inspect the car ,and confirm the faults.

Ask them for a written report and an estimate of what it would cost to do the repairs.

Take the estimate to the dealer you bought the car from.

Ask them to put the faults right ,if they refuse ,have the repairs done by the garage who did the report .then recover the cost from the supplying dealer through the small claims court .Its a simple process and will cost you less than
£150. You will recover the fee along with the cost of your repairs.

It's disappointing that main dealers mess their customers about in this way.

Hope you manage to get it sorted


Tony g
Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex, 2008 - HELP!!! problems within 2 weeks of purchase!! - ifithelps

Sound advice from Bonzo and Tony.

Worth keeping brief written records of conversations/promises/dealer visits, including date and time.

This will be of assistance to you should this matter need to be resolved in the county court.

As has been said, you can ignore the dealer's one-month deadline.

But I am a little concerned when you say you cannot take the car in because you need it.

I understand the inconvenience, but you need to avoid giving the dealer the chance to say: "Becky didn't give us the chance to recify the faults, and by driving it around she has made them worse."

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDCI Ecoflex, 2008 - HELP!!! problems within 2 weeks of purchase!! - bananastand

Hi, I am having the same issues but not as serious as yours. Even main dealers with sound reputations will try to fob you off with meaningless garbage just to make you go away. They know the law perfectly well and are just protecting their profits, end of story. Your next route is recorded delivery letter to the "dealer principal" outlining every aspect of your sorry tale.

You will win trust me.


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