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ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - cens


My girlfriend used the car last night and the 'petrol' light was on so she did me a 'favour' and put £25 in it. she then drove it the couple of miles home. I went to use it this morning and it didnt start first time and took a while to settle down and run normal (ish). whilst driving it for around the first half a mile it felt like it was going to cut out.

As we are planning on using the car a bit tommorrow and i was driving past a petrol station i put another £15 in. drove off, got on a dual carriageway, went to over take someone and it went into limp mode (which it does every now and then but normally only when i really put my foot down). i pulled over and it cut out. Turned it off tried to start and it started first time, so carried on and drove the 25 miles to work.

Whilst i was sat in the car trying to think what could be wrong, I saw the receipt that my girlfriend had left on the seat, had a quick look at it and she has put petrol in!!!, bearing in mind it's probably drove for 30 miles and has had diesel put in on top of it what should i do?? whilst i was sat in the car it seemed to be idling fine

any help / suggestions will be very much appreciated (car is a 2003 Mondeo TDCi 2.0l)


ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - Peter D

What size is your tank and how much more diesel could you get in. Regards Peter

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - cens


i'm not 100% sure to be honest think it 55-60 litre. its showing as just under half a tank.

thanks for the reply

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - dieselnut

Any damage, if any, will probably already have been done.

I would go to the nearest garage & get 2 litres of cheap engine oil & put it into the fuel filler, then top up with their best diesel & keep fingers crossed there has been no damage.

Wouldn't recomend the addition of oil if it had a DPF, but at 2003 I shouldn't think it has one.

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - cens

is there anyway i could find out if it does have a DPF? i'm not questioning you but as i'm not mechanically minded is it ok to put engine oil in the fuel tank?

thanks for the reply

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - dieselnut

My son had a 2003 2.2TDCi & that didn't have one, so i'd be very surprised if the 2.0 of that year had a DPF.

You could always call a Ford dealer & ask.

The oil will just mix with the petrol/diesel & give extra lubrication for the fuel pump which is what you are trying to protect from wear.

Then just keep topping up with quality diesel.

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - cens

cheers for that. its an 03 plate which i assume is the earlier part of 2003 too.

is it just 2 stroke oil or any cheap oil? sorry for questions, i just want to make sure i do it right

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - dieselnut

2 stroke would mix better if you can get it. Wilkinsons used to sell it cheap.

Otherwise any cheap engine oil.

ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - cens

thanks for your help, really appreciate it. i'll go as soon as i finish work. just drove the car round the car park and it was lumpy to start with but was ok after a few yards....would that be a good sign or should i not be driving it at all?


ford mondeo TCDi - Petrol in diesel? - thunderbird

2003 will not have DPF, don't think the Mk2 had them at all. When we were looking a couple of years ago the 2.0 did not have them then, all have them now with EURO 5.

As has been said above the damage will already have been done if there is a problem. Diesel pumps require diesel to lubricate them, without it the start wearing rapidly and deposit small metal particles in the injectors if they get past the filter. Only way to check is to drain the system and look for metal particles but its not a DIY job, the pressure in the fuel system can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly.

Would definitely have the fuel filer replaced now and checked for metal particles but the bad news is the cost of a replacement pump and injectors should they be required, well into 4 figures.


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