IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - 1st Timer

I have ben refused insurance for non-disclosure of IN10 offence. The insurance company (Admiral) gave me a week to explain the reasons behind my actions within which i apologetically did, and perharps I shoul have voluntarily cancelled my policy which was only 4 days old.

I took the policy out after the offence but inadvertently forgot to mention it. the police then called the insurance company to verify the authencity of my new policy and thats when they decided to cancell automatically.

i have tried everything to convince them to accept my wrong doing in a form of voluntary withdrawal to avert REFUSAL.

Anyone been in similar situation, or any legal advice will be appreciated.

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - bonzo dog

What's an IN10 offence, please?

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - 1st Timer

IN10 is driving uninsured. If you get stopped by the police you will are in big trouble. You get six penalty points on your licence £200 fine, and your insurance may get cancelled which means you may find it difficult getting another insurance anywhere else in this country.

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - focussed

An IN10 offence is driving without insurance. Somewhat ironic that your insurance company has now refused to cover you for not telling them that you got nicked for driving without insurance cover. Nothing to be done, they are totally within their rights to refuse cover.

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - RT

it's going to be hard - insurance companies don't like people with IN10's (driving without insurance) whether it's forgetfulness or deliberate.

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - Falkirk Bairn

Some background on IN10 and other serious offences

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IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - 1st Timer

Yes it was inadvertently a really silly thing to do, considering i had even had a quote from the insurance company the day before and was waiting for finanance to go through so that i can go ahead and pay for the policy in two days time.

I was only responding to an elderly family member (partially blind) who needed help. I ve had a clean license for over twenty years with no points or convinctions. And wanted to voluntarily withdraw my application from the insurance company (Admiral), but they wont budge.

IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - tony g
It's hard to be sympathetic ,you've been convicted once of driving without insurance,now you failed to fully disclose your circumstances to an insurance company.
In effect you would have been driving without insurance for a second time .

Driving without insurance is a major problem .if you collide with me ,even though I have comprehensive insurance ,I end up with substantial costs ,loss of no claims bonus ,etc

In my part of the world over 2000 cars have been seized by the police for driving without just two costs in the Bradford and Leeds area have trebled in 3 years because of people like you.

I wonder if the only way to prevent driving without insurance is to permanently seize the car of anyone caught driving without insurance.

The cars would be sold ,any money owing to hp companies would be sent to them, and the balance put into a fund to compensate insured drivers who suffer as a result.

Tony g
IN10 non-disclosure, and been REFUSED! - 1st Timer

Thanks for your input Tony, point taken.


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