Toyota Avensis D4D 2.2 T Spirit - Head Gasket gone after losing coolant - robbie22


I have a 2006 T Spirit with 90,000 on the clock and I have just found out from my garage that the head gasket has gone.

It started when the heating system kept throwing out cool air. I checked the coolant which was down and topped it back up. I took the car in for inspection thinking it might be a simple leak somewhere and was told it was the head gasket. Its now failed the first pressure test and is starting to look expensive...even the possibility of a new engine.

I've already seen quite a lot of nightmare stories exactly the same ranging from 2003 onwards, so obviously this is a common problem with this engine and apparently dealers report having to change 2-3 engines a year.

What should I do about this and am I right in thinking Toyota extended the warranty on heads to 100,000 miles?

If it needs a new engine, will Toyota bear the cost, I've heard about some 'Out of Warranty' repairs being done?



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