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Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - zoobyzoo

I've narrowed it down to one of the above. Which would you go for and why? I'm after a diesel automatic with reasonable running costs/fuel consumption, and looking to spend around £10k max (second hand) but I'm not sure which...

Thanks :)

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - oldtoffee

I've had both in the past and would go for the Skoda to get a slightly newer and lower mileage car maybe 08 instead of 07 for the same money. IMO the Skoda dealers are a pretty decent bunch and the VW dealers are terrible. The car will be out of warranty so no need to use main dealers but I'd still use a Skoda dealer for servicing and an independent for the VW. If you do a lot of motorway miles you might find as others have that the Skoda is a bit noisier at speed than the Passat. Depending on how long you plan to keep the car and your mileage the Passat for no logical reason will hold its value a little bit better.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - zoobyzoo

Interesting! I will mainly be doing motorway miles, and will be clocking up 25k-30k miles pa. Not buying new, and I intend to keep the car for a good few years really. Does that push me in one direction rather than another??

I've also heard of engine problems in the skoda after around 80k - is that your experience too?

Thanks for your helpful response :)

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - oldtoffee

I had two Passats, MY2000 and 2005 with the 1.9 PD engine and manual gearbox - a well regarded combination. I had the Octavia vRS petrol also manual. The Octavia noise issue can be effectively addressed by ensuring the rear suspension settings are spot on and also with careful choice of tyres, some owners fit extra soundproofing. Some don't find them noisy!

There are a lot of disgruntled VW diesel owners across the VW range although particularly Skoda as VAG dumped lots of the poorly designed 2.0PD engine on them. It's to do with oil pump failure not just from 80k miles, some from 10k and 20k! There's also problems with injector failure on the 140 and 170 bhp PD engines. I believe I'm right in saying that the common rail engines are not affected but in the price bracket you are looking at you'll find a lot of Passats and Octavias have the 2.0PD engine. Lots of disgruntled Ford and Mazda diesel owners too so its not just a VAG quirk. Factor in potential problems with DPFs on any ageing diesel and its easy to see why some people choose petrol despite the lower mpg. My Octavia vRS would give 35mpg easily on a run, a bit more if driven fairly carefully. For your mileage thats around £1,000 more a year on fuel than a 45mpg diesel so not insignificant although the savings could be dented with a bill for a new DPF or an injector or two.

My second Passat was bought following excellent informed advice here to seek out the 1.9PD unit engine code AWX with the 5 speed manual box. I actually wanted a Superb but couldn't find one in the right condition with FSH and reasonable mileage. I realise its not auto and probably older than you want but the Passat was a great motorway cruiser and would easily return a true 50mpg without any effort which were the two most important things for me as I also do 25k to 30k a year.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - Bobbin Threadbare

My M-i-L has a VW Golf. She seems to get charged so much for dealer servicing it's untrue. I hear Skoda are better.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - Avant

Most engines in the Octavia and Passat are in common, so one won't have more engine problems than the other. I agree about Skodas being a little cheaper an the dealers, more of whom are family-owned, giving better service.

A diesel is still more expensive than a petrol of similar vintage, although this may not be the same forever as modern diesels with their DPFs and DMFs and EGRs are liable to major failure at higher mileages. Particularly avoid the 2.0 PD: one possible point in favour of the Passat is that I think VW fitted the common-rail diesel in it sooner than Skoda did with the Octavia. I could be wrong there, so check.

Unless your annual mileage is very high, consider a petrol. The 1.8 Octavia could be your best bet - quite economical if driven sensibly.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - jayemm

Present car Octavia 2.0HDI CR 140PS (Nov 2010), previous Passat 2.0 HDI CR 170PS (Mar 2009). I have written a review of the Octavia.

I'd echo the advice given by previous correspondents, try to avoid older PS diesels which are noisier with more vibration. Otherwise the newer VAG group diesels are torquey and relaxed at speed.The Passat is longer but not significantly wider, and has more rear legroom. The Octavia is more than adequate in that respect, though, and has plenty of boot space.

I find the hatchback more useful than the Passat's boot, and a rear wiper is also a plus. You may be looking at estates, though.

I didn't miss the 30 PS extra of the Passat but it was quieter mechanically than the Octavia. Low profile tyres on both probably contribute to a fair amount of road noise. I would not like to choose between the interiors for comfort or quality; both were high specification models and nicely finished and equipped. I found the ride on the Passat slightly better (mine had a 3-position choice, normal, comfort or sport) and also preferred the handling depite the slightly longer size.

Some people don't like the parking brake on the Passat; I got used to it quickly and liked it's automatic operation at traffic lights etc. The Octavia has a more normal handbrake. Otherwise there are a lot of common features between the two. If space is important, the Passat gives a bit more, otherwise it may well come down to initial cost and insurance etc. I achieved 46 mpg overall in the Passat and 47 in the Octavia. Good luck.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - floss every day

I have owned a Skoda Octavia 2.0PD for 6 and a half years (it is actually just under 7 years old, as it was a demonstrator when I bought it). It has just passed 100k miles and has been very little trouble. The turbo hose went at about 90k (cost c £100 to replace) but that is about it as far as motor related issues are concerned. It has used very little oil, has been on variable servicing (ie circa once every two years) and is only on its third set of tires which seem to last a good 45000 miles per set without being silly about running them down to the wire. We don't drive slowly either and have had several very fast runs down to the south of France. It is a manual so not exactly what you are looking for but I would firmly recommend them. Admittedly it is only a sample of one, but I do wonder where this "2.0PD engines are the work of the devil" theory comes from.

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - ijws15
I think Auto in these cars probably means DSG unless you are looking at a very old one - would not want one out of warranty. Octavia is more ecomonical, Passsat will be quieter at speed.

I have an 08 Octavia 1.9 TD just coming up to 100k, no issues and I would expect it to keep on going as it has, 60mpg driven gently.

All that has been changed so far (except consumables) - Drivers door mirror heater element, rear wiper blade, four dampers about 2 months ago.

Edited by ijws15 on 21/11/2011 at 08:44

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - concrete

As a previous poster said, the 1.9 PD 130 with the 5 speed manual is the ideal. My 55 plate Skoda Superb has this lovely combination. 6 years old this month and now with 140K on the clock. Returns average 50mpg overall but has been up to 62mpg on a long liesurely run. I do mainly motorway miles so I am lucky. Hardly uses any oil between services. Variable services come round approx every 18K. Local dealer, family run, good service and advice, reasonable costs. Not so my daughters experience with the VW dealer. No problem with her 08 plate 2.0 140 Passat at 56K though, just indifferent dealer attitude. My service technician tells me he services quite a few 1.9 PD 130's with higher mileage than mine, one on over 200K. I keep thinking to change but cannot justify it for what the Skoda gives me. When the time comes Skoda will be top of my list for consideration, I love diesels but will probably go for petrol next time. Good luck with your choice. Concrete

Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat - Skoda Octavia vs VW Passat? - Avant

Nice to see you back with us, Ian (ijws) and glad your Skoda has done a good job.

Zoobyzoo - a Superb like Concrete's might be worth thinking about as you're buying secondhand: being bigger than the Octavia it might depreciate faster, as big cars do unless they're German.


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