How to get rid of kids - SteveH42
Has anyone encountered this problem before or has any advice to offer? Up until recently my street was fairly quiet. However, recently kids have started congregating and at least one night a week you get a group of teenagers kicking a football around. Normally I wouldn't mind, but this lot don't care whether the ball hits cars, doors, windows etc. At first I politely pointed out there was a football field just around the corner and we'd prefer them not to cause damage on our street. They did move for a bit but gradually came back, and I noticed a few marks and dents on the car that appeared to have come from football impacts, so I asked them again to move. They were back again tonight, blatantly kicking the ball off cars. I asked them to move and was rewarded with a threat to start hitting my car with their skateboards instead.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to stop this damage? My new car hasn't currently got any dents, but the old Tipo had quite a few by the time I pensioned it off from footballs and whatnot. I've contacted the local council but they don't seem very bothered about doing anything. I suspect it's getting to the point where if I say anything else to these kids they are going to start damaging my car on purpose, so where do I stand?

Any advice appreciated!
How to get rid of kids - mark

I sympathise with you I had much the same problem, and the Police were not interested until the group pestering the end of our road burnt down the local football club house. Before then many cars scratched by bicycles, balls etc. Result each kid aged over 12 got a ticking off from plod. They were so frightened that the next night they were back destroying a dwarf wall belonging to a neighbour.

Only resolved when those who live at our end of road formed a small group and visited the parents of each kid in turn to complain. The kids have been kept in or away from this end of the road since but we now have a this end that end of the street mentality from the residents who were most upset by the affair.

as ever

How to get rid of kids - SjB {P}
I sympathise too, after polishing out many a football 'bruise' from the tailgate of my car, and a month ago finding what is clearly a skateboard gouge down the rear bumper, judging by the type of mark, and the debris left stuck in it. (Now I know what the 'trundle-trundle-bonk' was that I heard the day before)

Having had a proudly kept, unblemished, Vectra GSi for nearly three years, I then went and damaged it myself in an Aachen car park last Friday by grounding out the (low and jutting forwards) spoiler, big time. Washed the car on monday to find it covered in a spiders web of cracked paint where the plastic flexed. Aaargh! :-((

Back to the kids, I guess all that can be done is as Mark writes, unfortunately.

Good luck,
How to get rid of kids - nick
Invest in a pickaxe handle and a balaclava.

Only joking!
How to get rid of kids - teabelly
If you have a webcam or video camera then film them causing the damage. It makes it a lot easier to either get something done about it. If they cause damage then it is a criminal offence not just a nuisance. The council won't be interested as it is a job for the police. Keep calling the police each time you see damage occurring and I am sure eventually something will be done. Local papers like stories like this too.

If you know for sure who did what damage then you can find out where they live and make sure their parents get a summons to pay for the repairs or even involve the car insurance company who will pursue it on the owner's behalf.

How to get rid of kids - No Do$h
Teabelly made a valid point about the local 'paper, but be warned;If the kids get there first the headline may well read "Scrooge neighbour in kiddy persecution". I can just picture the little angels sad little faces, holding up the replacement ball after some mean adult confiscated theirs.

Suggest finding a car with damage and having cliched shot of owner kneeling by evidence with sorrow-filled eyes......

My poor mum has the same problem, living in a cul-de-sac 500 yards from the local playing field. Poor darlings can't manage the walk, but they can consistently kick a ball against her lounge window until 9:00pm. The parents response is that its a safe place so they would rather their kids terrorised my 63 year-old mum than went mob-handed round the corner.

Coincidentally, they don't play outside their own houses.....

How to get rid of kids - Dynamic Dave
Get everyone in the street to turf the junk out the garages and put the cars in them!!
How to get rid of kids - SteveH42
Unfortunately, in a Victorian terraced street, the only chap who has a garage is the chap who lives on the corner and who converted his garden (which used to run almost half the length of the street) into a double length-ways garage. And then 'takes steps' to make sure no-one parks in front of any of it.

I doubt most kids these days would even take notice of their parents, except in cases like those mentioned where the parent is actually jailed. Kids have grown up with this 'you can't touch me' mentality which I'm sure is going to cause many problems down the line...
How to get rid of kids - Mike H
See previous post, it might have some useful ideas :o)
How to get rid of kids - Dynamic Dave
Or even:-

It works better without the comma at the end.
How to get rid of kids - BrianW
It might cheer you up to know that the UK birthrate is going down
How to get rid of kids - volvoman
Yep Brian, so it won't be long before we're a minority deserving of all sorts of concessions and special treatment !
How to get rid of kids - Baskerville
For now, Brian. But just wait until all the thirty-somethings who have so far avoided sprogging in favour of having a life decide they'd better get on with it. Many will have to go on IVF and end up having five, so that will more than make up for it.


Chris - Thirty-something, no kids (that I know of).
How to get rid of kids - Maz

Why not move your car? I know you shouldn't have to and so on, but surely the easiest solution?

BTW everyone it's Christmas. We should be more concerned about the damage cars do to kids, than kids do to cars.
How to get rid of kids - No Do$h
The point is that Steve's car is doing no harm, the kids are. Moving the car is unlikely to be a solution as Steve has already pointed out that there is only one garage and I suspect no off-road parking in his street from how he describes it.

Even if he could, why should he be inconvenienced by the kids anti-social behaviour?

I seem to remember their being a law on criminal damage in this country. Shame that Gatso haven't come up with a suitable camera.....
How to get rid of kids - eric's son
As defined by the Criminal Damage Act 1971:
Property can be "Damaged" by being harmed, made less useful, made less valuable, or made unable to work. Damage does not have to be permanent.


CDA 1971 s1 (1):
A Person who, without lawful excuse, destroys or damages any property belonging to another, intending to destroy or damage any such property


Being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged

shall be guilty of an offence.

'Nuff said.
How to get rid of kids - Maz
Steve's car hasn't currently got any dents. One disadvantage of using the law is that he'll have to wait until there are, then prove who did it.

Besides, taking legal action against the youngsters is likely to have a similar effect to taking Tiny Tim to court because his crutches constitute an offensive weapon.

If he wants to fight fire with fire, I suggest he installs a loud car alarm and grits his teeth. That'll learn 'em.
How to get rid of kids - SteveH42
The house was sold as having off road parking, which consisted of a gravelled area at the bottom of the garden. I used it once or twice before realising that (a) it's quite dark out the back so it's making it easier for anyone to steal it or cause damage, and (b) no-one seems to care that they are blocking someone in when the park in the passageway or the binmen fill it with rubbish. Some of the local residents are trying to get the council to clear up an area of rough ground behind the houses for parking, but the council aren't interested.

As for fitting a car alarm, I find this tends to concentrate their efforts on that car to see how many times they can set it off...

Lastly, putting a webcam on the car is a definite no-no. Quite aside from the fact you are breaking the DPA, any footage wouldn't be admissable as evidence in court...

I don't think that in general these kids are all that vindictive, they just haven't been brought up to respect other people and their property.
How to get rid of kids - smokie
SteveH...what's the problem with the DPA in these circumstances???
How to get rid of kids - SteveH42
Can't remember the full details, but the main one I remember from when I was looking in to this at work was to do with cameras that overlook public land. I can't remember if they are banned totally, or if you have to have signs up to warn people. I *think* the former, but don't have the documents at hand to check. I think the gist of it was that you can monitor people on your own land, but not where they have a right to be.
How to get rid of kids - Pugugly {P}
Steve is right on this. DPA applies. Town Centre CCTVs get around it by Operational Rquiriements that define the areas that can be filmed and defining private places linked to signage. Any Camera into a public place would need an authoirty under the Regulation of Investgative Proceadures Act (or as it is known RIPA) even the Police would need this if they put a camera on your car. Admissability of any evidence gathered by video needs to be DPA complient and to carry a time/date stamp otherwise a waste of time.
How to get rid of kids - volvoman
Pugugly - so if I were to see a crime being committed in a public place and filmed/ photgraphed the act this would be an offence under the DPA and the evidence would be inadmissible in Court ?

Nothing about the DPA surprises me but I'd be really interested to know more abot this. Thanks.
How to get rid of kids - Tom Shaw
Unfortunately the drop in the birth rate is among the educated and responsible members of society. The feckless and couldn't care less end are still breeding like rabbits, and this is where the problem kids emerge from.

In all seriousness, with the laws and the attitudes of the authorities as they currently stand Steve's only solution is to move house. Any attempt to deal with the situation himself will end with him in trouble, not the yobs concerned.
How to get rid of kids - Steve S
"Any attempt to deal with the situation himself will end with him in trouble, not the yobs concerned."

Sad but so true.

Restrained a "yoof" who seemed intent on persisting with his demolition of someone else's property despite repeated requests to cease.

Was "lucky" not to be charged with assault apparantly, despite the restraint consisting of no more than sitting him down and standing over him until others arrived. No blows.

Never again.
How to get rid of kids - volvoman
Sadly, once again Tom's right ! Steve, these yobbo's know their rights better than you and what's worse, your rights come a very poor second to theirs !

In this country today, those with fewest meaningful rights and the most to fear from the authorities are the normal, hardworking and decent decreasing majority who pay their taxes and support everyone else - including all the illegal immigrants, economic migrants, failed terrorists etc. etc. !

No wonder so many decent people are leaving the UK - I'm very tempted to join them !
How to get rid of kids - googolplex
Hark at you lot, for ****'s sake, its Christmas!

I'm quite happy in this country. I'm also happy knowing that the significant majority of kids in this country are up to some good. Those that aren't are not a 21st century phenomenon.

I think all kids who are up to some good have interested parents who help them develop hobbies. It is everyones job to encourage youngsters in this respect but there will always be bank robbers, murderers, rapists, pickpockets, car-thieves and kids who can't be bothered to make it as far as the park to kick a ball. The last time such kids didn't exist was before the days of Accrington Stanley in the First division...

Happy Xmas, one and all

How to get rid of kids - Tom Shaw

You are quite right in what you say about the majority of youths in this country basically good. However, for those who have to put up with the significant minority who delight in making their neighbours lives a misery that is no comfort. The difference between now and when Accrington Stanley were the cream of Europe is that the will of the authorities to do something about it has receeded in the face of PC thinking, and those who suffer violence and abuse at the hands of these yobs are powerless to take any action of their own without facing criminal charges. Someone deliberately damages your car with a football and your only redress is to bump up your own insurance premium by making a claim.

Happy Xmas to all NICE people.
How to get rid of kids - Maz
Someone deliberately damages your car with a football
and your only redress is to bump up your own insurance
premium by making a claim.

I know this isn't a footballing website, but remember we're talking about the world's favourite game. It is so exciting it can increase your chances of a heart attack by 25%. Some say it's Britain's greatest contribution to the world. Ever.

This will get me cained on this site, but I've kicked footballs up and down streets all over Europe, and hit plenty of cars/windows/passers-by in my time. I've also helped to bring chaos to the centre of a decent sized city by starting a game with 4 people and seeing it swell to about 30. Sorry!

Football is great fun. Although it is sometimes hi-jacked by undesirables, it is rarely an attempt by people to wilfully destroy property. I'm sure these kids are the same.
How to get rid of kids - Dynamic Dave
Football is great fun. Although it is sometimes hi-jacked by
undesirables, it is rarely an attempt by people to wilfully >> destroy property.
I'm sure these kids are the same.

In my youth, we used jumpers, jackets etc as goal posts, and played on the village green. Nowadays kids play in any street but their own and use the cars as goal posts, etc. Perhaps to protect our cars, we ought to park in their parents streets, as they never play there.
Whatever happened to a good ol' clip around the ear'ole and sent to bed with no supper? Try it now and the kid'll have you up for ABH!!
How to get rid of kids - andymc {P}
>>I offered my help but I would then have to be vetted to make sure that I\'m not a threat to the kids. I have no problem with being vetted but as I can only help on an occasional basis it made it uneconomic for the Scouts to have me done. The need for vetting and the costs involved are resulting in fewer and fewer people helping on a casual basis

Cockle, one way around this problem may be to contact your nearest volunteer bureau. Some (not necessarily all) offer a PECS service to voluntary/communtiy organisations too small or under-resourced to carry out their own checks. They may also be able to recruit volunteers for your group as well. This is true in Northern Ireland, but I don\'t know about where you live.

Just a small note about background checks - it should never be assumed that because someone has had a check carried out and has no record of convictions, that this automatically guarantees protection for children. The PECS system is an extra layer of precaution but is NOT a guarantee that people are honest/harmless/whatever, just a means of ascertaining an individual\'s criminal record (which can include things like penalty points, possession of a controlled substance, etc). There are plenty of people out there who have never been caught, or have been arrested but not convicted. Plus there

Where a group works with nursery school age children, it is also possible to access \"soft\" information from the police about the applicant, in other words any records the police may have about arrests, callouts for domestic violence, etc, even when these have not led to a conviction. However, this information is not available to groups working with school-age children or adults with learning disabilities.

Disclaimer - this information is accurate in Northern Ireland, where some of our social legislation is actually a little advanced over Britain. I\'m pretty confident that all the above applies across the water, but I cannot guarantee this.

Apologies for the non-motoring content, but I thought this might be helpful in the spirit of the \"I have a question\" threads.
How to get rid of kids - HF

all I can add is that it's a little scary, no very scary, whether you're in NI or England, that this is going on.

Again, I say that anyone with no cause for concern and in all innocence, would not mind in the slightest about the checks.

If people react against it for the 'human rights' thing, then, to me, they must have something to hide.

My opinion, doubtless different to many people.
How to get rid of kids - cockle {P}
andymc, thanks for the info, I'll make further inquiries and see if such a service is available here.

How to get rid of kids - andymc {P}
You're welcome, cockle. Let me know how you get on and if you can't get any further, I'll make some enquiries as to how you can try to progress things.

HF - the sad thing is that these sort of things are not new, but that we're only becoming more aware of them now. I guess the only thing we can do is try to protect our children as well as possible without "cocooning" them, which will ultimately leave them unprotected in a different way. I wish I had the answer to that one.
How to get rid of kids - HF
HF - the sad thing is that these sort of things
are not new, but that we're only becoming more aware of
them now. I guess the only thing we can do
is try to protect our children as well as possible without
"cocooning" them, which will ultimately leave them unprotected in a different
way. I wish I had the answer to that one.


Andymc, agree totally. It really is a sad fact of life. My own instinct has alway been to wrap them in cotton wool, 'just in case', but I know what you mean about this not being the answer. If you ever find one, let me know, please.
How to get rid of kids - kex

I could not agree with you more "
27 Jan 2003

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How to get rid of kids - volvoman Thu 19 Dec 02 18:39

Sadly, once again Tom's right ! Steve, these yobbo's know their rights better than you and what's worse, your rights come a very poor second to theirs !"


"decent decreasing majority who pay their taxes and support everyone else - including all the illegal immigrants, economic migrants, failed terrorists etc. etc. ! "

how does this relate to the subject of a few teenager making a nuisance of themselves.

How to get rid of kids - kex
Try again, this time it might make sense

Volvoman could not agree more with the following :

"these yobbo's know their rights better than you and what's worse, your rights come a very poor second to theirs"


"majority who pay their taxes and support everyone else - including all the illegal immigrants, economic migrants, failed terrorists etc. etc. ! "

how does this relate to the subject of a few teenager making a nuisance of themselves ?????

How to get rid of kids - slefLX
I know i'm new and it's a while since this thread has been active but it caught my eye and thought it might be interesting to relate my experiences with kids in my area. I can fully sympathise with people who've had trouble with kids and cars. I have only been driving 2 years and in that short time i have had numerous run-ins with the kids (and "kids") who hang round my street.

Luckily up to now i've only had 1 incident of my car being damaged while it was parked outside my house (mid-terrace, absolutely no off-street parking). This particular time my LH door mirror was damaged beyond repair, presumably by kids kicking footballs - it was on the pavement side so couldn't have been clipped by another car.

The other things have happened when i've tried to get out of the bottom of my road and these "kids" who don't live in my road have been hanging around playing football and blocking my path. I am female and (fortunately or not) i don't look much older than about 16 so groups of 3 or 4 teenage lads take great delight in intimidating me (usually successfully unfortunately) even from the safety of being inside my car.

One very memorable incident was a saturday night going to church and as usual a gang of teenage lads was playing at the bottom of the road. i went down the road and slowed down expecting them to part, which they grudgingly did. As i turned the corner i heard shouting but thought nothing of it until i saw fingertips appearing at the top of my windscreen and then i could make out the words "let me off!" I was so spooked i did let him get off the car but by the time i got to the church (only about 1 mile away but car was necessary because of amount of stuff needed) i was a quivering wreck!!

The other incident started similarly but as i got to the bottom of the road they continued to play football and one even stood right in front of my car until i think i was almost touching him. I'd have loved to have beeped but daren't because i know what they're like (and they'd take great delight in causing physical damage to the car at some later point) so when they finally moved i sped round the corner and the next thing i knew was their football hit my side window full-on.

This is what i have to put up with, and again there is a park exactly opposite the other end of the road where they could have more space but that wouldn't be as much fun would it - they wouldn't have any motorists or pedestrians to inconvenience or intimidate!

Sorry for my rant and rave i think i should shut up now - i think i've made my presence felt more than i intended.
How to get rid of kids - mark
Having posted earlier I am going to update on this subject.

On Xmas day I woken at 6pm by a phut,phut sound followed by a scream. Looking outside I discovered that a 10yr old boy who lives about 50 yrds from me was trying out his Christmas Present in the street.

It was a 25cc powered mini scooter, he had no helmet and I am fairly sure he should'nt have been on the device in the first place. The scream was him losing control and the scooter was lying adjacent to my neighbours Rover. No damage noted however.

Since then he has made forays up and down the road on the device and other kids are given rides on it etc.

What sort or parent would allow this to occur. We are only 150yrds from the nearest park but the little brat delights in riding on the pavement its only a matter of time before he hits a car or visa versa.

Local opinion is that someone should call the police and I guess this will happen with the consequent souring of relationships.

as ever

How to get rid of kids - puntoo
Call police and get small child arrested/sent down.

They are illegal as Chris Eubank recently found out (he was riding one without a crash helmet). Also I believe you need insurance/tax if you use them on the road.
How to get rid of kids - Blue {P}
It's a shame that you have to live near them and probably are proud of your car, otherwise I would just run them over.

A mate tried this tactic with some scumbags who had been causing trouble, after causing this trouble, they managed to get in his way as he drove through the car park. They thought that he wouldn't keep driving at them...wrong... he did, and the last one dove out of the way of his car so close to the last nanosecond that he fell over :) Funny, they weren't quite so loudmouthed the next time they saw him!

How to get rid of kids - HF
If only we could all be that brave, Blue :)
How to get rid of kids - No Do$h
I did something similar a few years back, probably 5-10 mph. Likewise, the smarmy little darlings weren't expecting me to keep going so had to do some quick jumping. I hasten to add that this was before I got to grips with the concept that a car is a privilege, not a right and happens to be a deadly weapon. Please to say I've stopped driving like a (insert expletive of choice) since then.

Anyway, 48 hours later, plod turned up on my doorstep. The little toe-rags had reported me for trying to run them down. This was the same plod that the local residents had been complaining to for weeks.

After 20 rather uncomfortable minutes they accepted my hastily concocted version of events and let me off with a warning.

'taint worth the bother of taking it into your own hands I'm afraid. Stick with pestering plod or even refer to nuisance laws (if you can get other residents behind you) but DON'T try anything yourself!
No Dosh - but then who has?
How to get rid of kids - SteveH42
There is also the fact that the kids either might not be quite fast enough to get out of the way, or simply might be so arrogant that they think no-one will dare do anything about them and just won't move at all.

You know, when I was young (not that long ago either!) we used to keep an eye out for cars and move smartly out of the way when one turned up. And if they parked where we were playing, we moved somewhere else rather than threatening to smash up the car and going out of the way to hit it with balls etc. I don't know what it is, but kids these days don't just disrespect others, they seem to think they have a right to do what they please no matter what and get worse when they are asked to stop. Also, my parents, and those of my friends, used to give us a good telling off if we did something wrong, now the parents 'protect' their kids.... Totally wrong and I hate to think what state we will be in in 5-10 years when these kids start becoming adults...
How to get rid of kids - teen22

Whatever your point, and whether or not it is valid, this is a motoring site. It is not a site to discuss how your boredom drives you to violence and how it is someone else\'s fault.

So, if you wish to discuss motoring related matters you are welcome. For other things there are better places.

Still need to get rid of kids. - SteveH42
Some of you may remember I had a moan a while back in a thread called 'How to get rid of kids' about local children kicking their football off my house and car.

Well, I went out this morning and noticed a tell-tale football smear on the boot of the car. On closer inspection, I find the paintwork in this area has been scratched to ribbons - loads of little scratches, probably where the dusty ball has rubbed against it. It must have hit quite hard to cause this much paintwork damage...

Two questions here:
1) What's the best way to polish these out? Or can they be polished out? I've seen various products advertised, but would prefer a recommendation if at all possible. I have some Mer, but am not sure if this would be suitable. Otherwise, would it be worth trying to touch them in slightly and then polish it blend it in?

2) Now they have caused damage, what can I do further to try and get them to play somewhere more appropriate? It's not as if there aren't loads of fields very near here for playing football, but typically they can't be bothered to walk that far. I was thinking of doing a letter-drop locally to point out the problem to the parents (I don't know where these kids live, other than in this street and the one it buts on to) but I'm not sure that this might not be taken the wrong way. Any ideas?
Still need to get rid of kids. - Mark (RLBS)
I rather think that number 2 has been done to death. However, when I find the other thread I will put them together to save repetition.
Still need to get rid of kids. - Blue {P}
Apparently the Meguiars scratch removal polish is pretty good, of course once you've used it the whole thing needs polishing with a protective polish/wax.

Failing that, try the usual suspects, is the car mettallic? If not, then T-cut is probably your best answer. If it is, then try Auto Glym scratch remover, there's a huge selection to pick from in Halfords, and in my experience, on minor surface scratches, they can make them invisible.

Whatever you do though remember to polish the car afterwards to replace the protection that you remove.
Still need to get rid of kids. - SteveH42
Thanks, Blue, I'll try some T-Cut first as it's just normal white paint, nothing fancy. Any recommendations for what polish to use to restore the protection? Would Mer be OK, or do I need something else?
Still need to get rid of kids. - Dynamic Dave
Any recommendations for what polish to use
to restore the protection? Would Mer be OK, or do I
need something else?

Some drunken moron placed a road cone on the roof of my car a while back. The combination of a rough base and leaking sand from it left several scratches in the metalic paint on the roof. I used a household sink cleaner (Jif cream I think) to act as a cutting compound to take a very fine layer of laquer off, and then finished off by applying a good coating of Mer polish. Result - scratches gone.
Still need to get rid of kids. - SteveH42
Not sure I'm brave enough to use Jif (or Cif or whatever) on my car! I'm more interested in making sure Mer would provide enough protection, or whether I would need something else.
Still need to get rid of kids. - Dynamic Dave
I have found JIF/CIF cream less abrasive than t-cut if applied lightly and watered down a little. Mer polish works fine for me.
Still need to get rid of kids. - SteveH42
Hmmm... Were it not such an obvious place then I'd give it a try, but if it doesn't work then it's going to stand out like a sore thumb. Not sure how good my stuff would be anyway - it's the Asda cheap and nasty brand type and has been stood around for years anyway. I suppose I could try just a little bit very much watered down... (The old 'try somewhere you won't notice first' routine?)

Just out of interest, does the age of the car matter? I've seen a few people mention that newer cars have 'softer' paint than older ones, and mine is a W-reg so presumably will have this (water-based?) paint.
Still need to get rid of kids. - PhilW
Have you tried "Safe Cut" (by Turtle Wax I think) It says it's for use on metallic paint and in my experience works well without seeming to damage the surface (though I suppose it has to in order to work) Does seem a lot less abrasive than T cut and certainly not as bad as Cif (what an awful name) which seems very "scratchy" to me

Value my car