most economic older 7 seater - sleepybunny

I now cannot afford to run my grand voyager due to the high cost of fuel. As a childminder I have toyed with the idea of getting a convertible and fitting a multimac rear seat, however I am now wondering if I would be better buying an older 7 seater for the same price as the multimac (approx. £1500) just to use for my childminding. I know I will only gat around a 2000 plate. So I was hoping for advice on the one with the best fuel economy, tax, insurance etc, and if Theres anything bad I should avoid like the plague. I've had a cursory glance and ones that keep popping up are sedona, serena, scenic, zafira, peugeot, I've only looked ar diesel. All advice would be gratefully recieved.

most economic older 7 seater - sleepybunny

Any opinions on a peugeot 307 7 seater, please?

most economic older 7 seater - mss1tw

Might be worth asking your local taxi/airport driver service what they have used over the years.

most economic older 7 seater - gordonbennet

You'll struggle to find better all round than Peug 806, Citroen Synergie, Fiat Ulysse, Diesel obviously, all the same basic vehicle, more or less the same running gear as the slightly bigger vans they are related to, tough simple and reliable as well as good on fuel.

If interested get as new as possible, and preferably one with a checkable service history, model replaced around 2003.

most economic older 7 seater - sleepybunny

Thanks will have a look at all of the above.

most economic older 7 seater - pugswhdi
We had a 307 sw. Great family car but with 7 seats up very little boot space and hard to access them all to fasten seat belts.

We also bought a diesel with dpf and it nearly broke us, finally all put right and sold it before anything else could go wrong!

I would consider a 1.6 petrol though if it was cheap enough.

A better bet would be a vw sharan, the older ones are dated but do seem to be very well built or look at the Hyundai trajet. A few of those work as taxis near me, one petrol the other diesel.

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