Best time to buy a van - mss1tw

Just wondered if there was a best time of year to buy vehicles.

I would never dream of trying to sell a motorbike in winter for example!

Before or after Christmas? Start of the new financial year in April?

Best time to buy a van - jamie745

I would say the best time to buy a van is when you need a van :)

Best time to buy a van - SteveLee

If you're buying an older van make sure it isn't a Euro III that's banned from London (unless you pay a daily charge). There's a flood of non-emissions compliant vans on the market at the moment - of course Euro IV vehicles have firmed up price-wise.

Big companies generally lease their vans and lorries – as usual the small man on the street gets stiffed and the rich get richer. How many small businesses will go out of business because of this law?

Best time to buy a van - mss1tw

:-D cheers Jamie - I have the cash ready and waiting, and could find a use for a van tomorrow. (I'm a sparky) But I'm putting it off till the last minute...

Steve, good point about Euro III vans, thank you.

Best time to buy a van - SteveLee

There's an 04 Vauxhall Combo 1.7 TD (Euro IV) taxed and MOTed going for £900 near me. 55mpg. Ex fleet and now owned by the transport manager privately. High mileage but mechnically sound as it had an engine and gearbox rebuild 6 months ago. Well worth a punt.

Best time to buy a van - mss1tw

Tempted but I'm after a Hiace sized van! Transporters are ridiculous money and I fancy a bit of that Hilux reliability...


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