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Just had problems with tyre presuure sensors. Cost £70 each plus £70 fitting each. ECU needs reprogramming afterwards to recognise new ones.

Then problem with parking sensor. Cost £70 each plus, you've guessed it, £70 fitting.

Car now 4.5yrs old so no warranty.

Manufacturer did pay for 50% of cost of tyre sensors since they had corroded through.

I've not mentioned the manufacturer since it seems unfair to single them out when I know other makes have the same problems.

The business model now seems to be similar to wet razors and computer printers to name but two items - sell the main item cheaper, charge an arm and a leg for replacements.

How can a simple ultrasonic sensor cost £70 when other non OEM's sell complete kits for that price? Same for tyre pressure sensors.

There is a move to make tyre pressure sensors mandatory on new cars and I've heard that any car fitted must have them working in order to pass the MOT.

Time for a petition?


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