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I am seeking some advice on whether its better to buy a petrol Octavia over a diesel. My main worry with the diesel is the usual dpf, dmf and injector problems. I do about 40k a year and get paid 20p a mile fuel plus a monthly payment. I can't afford the new CR diesel and so it would be a PD if I bought one.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - unthrottled

At 40K a year, diesel is a no brainer. This is particularly true with VAG since their petrol engines are pretty hum drum.

With high mileage DPF regeneration will not be a problem. With a little arm twisting, VAG are replacing faulty injectors FOC. The problem doesn't seem to have affected all of the piezo injector fed engines and I think there this problem is being blown out of proportion. I think Skoda PD engines were kept DPF free right up until Euro V became mandatory in Sept '09.

DMF failures were exacerbated by sloppy clutch work. VAG's 'fix' is simply to let the engine stall if the revs drop too low. On the motorway, you don't need to worry to much about DMF, unless you decide to rechip and go silly with the low end torque (it's the low RPM torque that is the problem, rather than the peak value.

I'd get the 1.9 PD, and get it serviced by VAg so that if any problems occur out of warranty, you've got a atrong case for a 'loyalty' contribution from VAG.

Good luck.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - Avant

Agreed. There are some good petrol engines - the 1.8T and the 2.0 TSI like mine - but at 40,000 a year you need a dlesel. The 1.9 TDI is slower than the 2.0 but by all accounts seems to be more reliable. If you do go for a 2.0, make sure it's got Bosch injectors rather than Siemens.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - TR7

Thanks for the replies. I'm looking at an 09 2.0 tdi pd thats in my price range. How do you know what type of injectors are used?


Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - unthrottled

Oh, it'll be Siemans. I think you have to go back to pre ~05 to get the Bosch injectors.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - Avant

If they wre still Siemens in '09 then I think they'd resolved the problem. The ones being complained about were earlier than that: 2007 and 2008 i believe.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - unthrottled

Avant-I totally forgot about the 1.8T engine! I was thinking of the 1.4 MPI and the 1.6 FSI which have similar power levels to the derv offerings.

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From what ive heard they have similar power levels to a blender.

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I had a Mk1 Octavia 1.8 Turbo 4x4.

Went like greased weasel wossaname, but by 'eck it drank fuel. Fleet car though, so fuel was free. I never did understand my colleagues who carefully ordered the rattly, oil-burning variants as there was no tax difference in CZ.

Under Czech tax law, we used to have to fill out detailed sheets with each use of the car documented and each fill of fuel shown. That gave an accurate figure for fuel consumption as a side-effect. Being new to l/100km at the time, I didn't understand why the boss nearly fell off his chair when I submitted my first one, showing a number north of 14....

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Hi all, really useful thread. I'm going through the same decision currently. However, I probably only do around 12k miles a year, so am considering the 2.0 FSI over the 1.9 PD. Would people back up that choice? (models I'm looking at are mostly 05-06 plate).

EDIT: Bizarrely, also the 150bhp 2.0 FSI is around £100 cheaper on my insurance than the 1.9 PD. No idea why this is!


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OP - I'd buy a 1.9PD Passat, Golf, Octavia, pre 2005/55 IIRC to get the Bosch solenoid injector engines, 5 speed manual and you've got the best high mileage reliabilty potential with excellent economy. Less around than there used to be because people in the know snap them up. Pay around £3k to £4k for one with less than 100k on it, and after 2 or 3 years with regular servicing you stand a chance of not being out of pocket. At 50 mpg it still costs you 12p a mile to fuel it so the 8p plus the tax man will help towards the yearly costs such as 2 or 4 services, 4 new tyres, cam belt/water pump change and disc pads.

Assuming you work for yourself otherwise I'd be after a new job or at least a company car like a BMW 302d ed with that mileage.

Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - Big John

When you say a monthly fuel payment - how much?

At that mileage @ 43mpg you will be spending about £500/month in fuel alone whilst receiving £667/month (3333 miles/mth @20 p mile). Leaving £167/mth for every thing else. You must remember you will be doing 200,000 miles in five years!!! You also spend a long time in your car - I once did 65k / year - never again!

Also take into account the cost of tyres - If you bought an Octavia VRS this cost could be significant. You would be luck to get 15k out of a very expensive set - that's nearly 3 lots in a year! The higher profile tyres last much longer and are significantly cheaper to buy.

Most of the reliable 1.9 diesels (bosch injectors ) with a 5 speed gearbox are getting a bit too old to be reliable with this sort of mileage. Most already have starship mileages and those that don't have probably been clocked!

I do a highish mileage (currently driving Skoda Superb1.9 100 pd) and have been considering buying one of the recent 1.6 MPI SE models that were recently on special offer from Skoda - so are cheap. The have the old fashioned but bullet proof 8v 1.6 VAG petrol engine with 5speed box(not the later 16v fsi version with cam belt tensioners made out of putty) . This engine would suit an LPG conversion (would pay itself back after about 20k miles) and indeed is available elsewhere in Europe with factory fitted LPG. No DMF (I think?) and no DPF. Link:-

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Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - TR7
Thanks for the replies. I posted this last year and have been running a Hyundai i30 since march which is reliable but unrefined on long journeys. I get £450 a month plus 20 p a mile currently. My problem is leasing is too much and I can't afford to buy new! There is also stipulation that the car has to be less than 5 years old.
Skoda Octavia - diesel or petrol reliability - Big John

Oops - forgot to look at the date of original post!

At least the Hyundai comes with a 5 year warranty.


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