Ford Ka heater problem - royston
In October the heater fan on my Wifes Ka would only work in the 4th Maximum position. I duly bought a new fan switch and tried this and it worked on all 4 blower positions. Now two months down the line the same problem has occurred and I took the switch back to Fords and was given a new one, thinking the switch was faulty. However even with the new switch it will only work in the 4th maximum position, do you think it is faulty resistors on the fan motor itself which don't have to work in the maximum postion??? Any advice please.
Ford Ka heater problem - royston
you will find it is the resistor which is located in passenger side footwell. ford tried to tell me I needed a heater control panel, which cost 100 pounds!!!!!
Ford Ka heater problem - Dave_TD
Ah, the power of the HJ search engine! I've got to change the resistor pack in my cousin's Ka, eerily enough in Royston(!), tomorrow, and I wondered if it was behind the glovebox like the Mondeo one.

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