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VW Golf - What to buy? - kelevra

Hi everyone, I'm in a real dilema! At the mo I own a VW Polo 16v, 2000. A very good little runner, never let me down from new, however, now I find myself wanting to buy a small caravan, 1000kg ish, and don't know what type of car to replace my trustee old Polo with? I have looked at a Golf 1.9 TDI & poss a Citroen xsara 1.6 hdi, even a Berlingo!! I don't want to go down the Landrover route, (i just don't like them), nuff said - but an estate, hatchback or like as I have two dogs and want to camp at dog shows. Don't want to spend more than 10K and would like something economical, Tax, Ins etc. Any Ideas out there?

VW Golf - What to buy? - Bobbin Threadbare

Well you need to choose your caravan and car combination carefully. You're after a small caravan but the car must still be capable of pulling it (without struggling/wibbling about!) and the whole combo must not exceed a certain mass. Have a look at www.whattowcar.com/. If you look at caravan towers on the motorway, they're usually something like a 4x4, a Passat estate, I've seen a few Mondeos or these cross-over kind of vehicles like a Honda CRV.

VW Golf - What to buy? - Paul G1pdc

HI, my family go along to a dog training group in Upper Heyford (Former ASAF BASE) and the dog trainers there attend shows and demos and training courses, with there cars and caravans.

they drive

1. honda crv

2. kia sportage.

3. mondeo estate.

comments the other week involved the mondeo owner saying he was going to get a 4x4 as the mondeo often gets stuck with the weight of the 'van and wet field parking..and a car boot full of junk. (jumps,ramps etc)...making the front end a little light, and no traction. he said a full water tank in the front footwell helped traction a bit, but on more than one occasion he'd got one of the others to tow his van onto hardstanding...

if you don't like the idea of a "softroader" and what about a diesel subaru or something like that. I've owned a impreza estate 2litre petrol (non-turbo) which is all wheel drive, and even has a low ratio for when things get slippy, and father in law owns a legacy estate. but look for the diesel as my petrol impreza used to cover 29-32mpg...

also skoda octavia used to make a 4x4 version, in a previous job we had a fleet of 140hp diesel 4x4 octavias for roadside maintenance work (ie often parked on the grass verges..) all worked until 140,000 miles before being replaced...don't know what the vw versions (4motion) are like,,i can only really comment on what i've come across...but guess there the same underneath the skin...

Paul. (cocker spaniel owner).....(the nutty-est breed about....hahahaa and always laugh when i see her ears flapping up and down like dumbo when shes running!!!!)

VW Golf - What to buy? - kelevra

Thanks guys, have been checking out "What Tow Car" & the sportage as it happens. All very excellent reviews for this vehicle, might I say! So am now thinking perhaps, bite the bullet time and buy something that will do the job and just have to accept the high Tax and Insurance premium. Have looked at many diff cars, seen what other people are driving with caravans & whilst they may be cheaper on taxes etc, I don't want to be the dizzy blonde girl with her golf stuck in the mud!! And two not too happy Terriers (Jack Russell & Border Terrier), sitting in the back, barking (PUSH HARDER MUM!!).


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