Mobil 1 as initial fill - Roger Jones
Interesting. My copy of the Mobil 1 On the Record bulletin arrived this morning, announcing that Mobil 1 is now used for initial fill by Aston Martin, TVR, AC, Jenson, Strathcarron, Porsche, Mercedes AMG and Chrysler. I had thought of Mobil 1 as something to use after an engine has bedded in, but perhaps it's a question of engine design.
Re: Mobil 1 as initial fill - John Slaughter

No matter how well built, a new engine will have machining marks which will bed in and overcome even the oil film of Mobil 1, especially in the marginally lubricated area of the bores, pistons and rings.

I guess the answer must be to follow HJ's usual advice. (a) not change the initial fill too soon and (b) not to treat the engine too gently for too long from brand new.


Re: Mobil 1 as initial fill - honest john
These are specially formulated grades of Mobil 1. Not the 0W/40 available over the counter anywhere.


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