Peugeot 306 P reg - electrics problem - panza

I went to start my 306 D, P Reg, this morning and when I turned the ignition key I got nothing.

Initially thought the battery had gone flat, however a number of the electrical items worked such as lights, fans, indicators central locking etc, but windows, igntion did not. Tried it with jump leads which had no affect, so I concluded it must be an electrical problem. Then, when the ignition key was 1/2 turned to plug warming postion, some of the dash lights started flckering, then I had full electric power in the cock pit, then it was gone again.

Heard some clicking which sounded like a relay flicking from near the ignition and also the box next to the battery.

Can anyone shed any light on this? It was very wet today, so I was wondering if damp has got into the electrics?

Many thanks

Peugeot 306 P reg - electrics problem - WellKnownSid

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Peugeot 306 P reg - electrics problem - Peter.N.

Could be a faulty ignition switch or a bad connection on a connector.


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