Toyota Warranty - Martin Wall

I was thinking of buying a new Celica (140bhp) with the Premium Pack and I noticed Trade Sales of Slough have these for under £16,000. Would this car have the 3 year Toyota warranty or just a 1 year European warranty? I thought all Toyotas in Europe had a 3yr European warranty?

Also, a relative of mine is considering buying a *new shape* Toyota Previa from his local dealer - are these a good buy and are they very different to drive from a standard large hatchback (e.g. Vectra/Mondeo/Avensis) e.g are they easy to roll over if you're not careful?

RE: Toyota Warranty - honestjohn
Depends where it came from. If from Eire it probably would have th three year warranty. If from Cyprus it would only have Trade Sales own 12 month warranty with the option to extend to 3 years. Great car, though.


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