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I have a 2007 57 reg Ford Focus. I bought the car in January from a Vauxhall main dealer. The car had just under 14,000 miles on the clock with FSH. After about 4 days the car at times would not start (the engine turned over when the key was turned in the ignition but it wouldn't fire up). I took the car back to the dealer who kept ir for a week. They acknowledged it had a problem when starting & gave it to a local Ford dealer. They say they checked all the usual in the engine (ignition, battery etc) and did all the diagnostic checks but could find no fault. After taking the car back, the problem continued on and off. At the end of February I gave the car to my local garage to look at. They had it a full day but again having done all checks including diagnostic, they could not find any problem.

From then till now the problem persists. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes it will start 1st time. When it doesn't start, the engine turns over fine but just won't fire up. It can take anything upto 2 minutes of constant turning the key in the ignition to start. Other times it will start at the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be?

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Find an auto electrican a v good one.

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Presuming it runs fine once started, it would seem to rule out any major mechanical or electrical fault such as coil pack, fuel pump, etc. You don't mention if the problem only ever happens when cold or anytime at random.

If it happens randomly hot or cold, only thing i can think of is the immobiliser. Have you tried using the spare key?

Don't let it drag on, if the dealer cannot sort it, return the car for a refund.

Ford Focus 1.6 Style - starting problems - thesilverfox

It happens randomly, in any weather condition. I have tried the spare key - seems to be the same. Some friends/family have suggested it may be fuel related (supermarket fuel as opposed to better quality from the likes of shell etc) or possibly the cold start sensor.

I'll have a try at using the spare key for a few days continuous & see if it makes any difference and also see if I can get the car looked at by an auto electrician.

BTW the car runs fine once started. The engine doesn't cut out or anything like that.

I would mention that on the 2-3 occasions it was at it's worst was a few weeks ago just before Easter Friday. The car went on about a 15 mile run (not motorway) that took about 30 minutes. On return to the car after no more than 2 minutes it wouldn't start and took an absolute age to re-start and the engine sounded laboured compared to previous occasions when the key was turned in the ignition.

The car has done 4000 miles in the 4 months I have had it.

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Hi Silverfox,

In 2011 you wrote of a starting problem with your Ford Focus 2007 57 Reg. I seem to be having the same problem and wondered if yours got fixed.

Your help would be much appreciated as I have tried two mechanics and a mechanic who used to work for ford.

Thank you
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I am having a problem with my 2007 ford focus diesel. Key in, lights and radio on, battery has been replaced, turn the key to start, and nothing happens. Sometimes. Sometimes it works fine. I have tried the back up key, same problem. tried a work around where i cut two lines and hotwire the car like in the movies. makes no difference, so that eliminates the key and the key chamber thing.

the car runs fine when it starts.


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Very likely to be the instrument pod faulty . Very common fault on Focus 2005-10 . When the fault next occurs , try thumping the top of the dash, above the instruments . This often gets them going. These are repairable.
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Sounds fuel related to me. Lift pump in tank. Is it losing fuel pressure over time. When it doesn’t start has it been left for a few days. 14K miles for a 12 yr old car means that car has been sitting for long periods with old fuel in tank unused. Check fuel pressure to injection system.


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