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Hi all,

Due to some rather careless parking at the side of my garage I've managed to scuff the paintwork on my Focus in a quite depressing manner (I only noticed it today too - after having all week to fix it...) basically against an over-grown bush.

Took some pictures (but, my, it's hard to take pictures of a silver car in the sunshine) but I think that 'scuffed' describes things quite well; they're all smooth scratches so would suggest nothing too serious - one friend suggest T-cut, another suggested Autoglym paint renovator as it's less abrasive, and then the internet confused matters further.

Suggestions greatfully received!

Ford Focus - Scuffed paintwork - daveyjp

I once had an Audi scratched by one of their valeters who must have used a rake rather than a sponge to wash my car.

They took it in and gave the car a pro polish and it came back like new, so if you don't know what you are doing spend a few quid on getting it done by a pro.

Ford Focus - Scuffed paintwork - Victorbox

I would experiment with Autoglym Super Resin Polish firmly polished in straight lines. If this doesn't work then the Farécla G3 range of paint products is now avalable at Halfords but you will need to re-do the paint protection with a wax or polish afterwards.

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Ford Focus - Scuffed paintwork - ddr

T-cut, and lots of elbow grease. You need something quite abrasive to get rid of that.

Ford Focus - Scuffed paintwork - m0bov

T Cut is nasty stuff, you want something like Megs scratch X and work it with a foam pad , small sections until the polish goes clear. Otherwise get someone in with a polisher who can machine it back to gloss.

Ford Focus - Scuffed paintwork - turbo11

ditto the advice from Victorbox. Autoglym. If thats not abrasive enough then G3. I have used both for over twenty years without any problems. Both worked on my fathers silver Vectra and my my sisters silver CRV. Driving on narrow hedge lined roads on Exmoor, they regularly pick up multiple scrathes and "stripes" from hedges and tree branches. I have always been able to remove them with the above products. good luck and happy polishing.


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