Matt Black Paint Jobs - happy polo

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on the current trend of buying a pricey motor and then ruining it with a nasty matt/gloss black paintjob, which looks awful! Is this a classy 'improvement', or just an expensive-to-undo craze? Not a fan myself! :-/

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Ethan Edwards

Ditto - awful.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - alfatrike

my mondeo had matt paint and i didn't have to pay for that, it did it all by itself.

matt black cars are the new in thing for the yoofs to do to their 50 quid novas they have spent a fortune on.

i think it looks rubbish.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - jamie745

Innit blud.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - idle_chatterer

In HK I've also seen matte silver on a high end (AMG) Merc E-Class. It wouldn't be my choice but then wealth and taste appear to be inversely related in this neck of the woods e.g. a two-tone orange and black Bentley and a two-tone silver and bright-yellow Rolls Royce are often parked in my neighbourhood.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare


There's an Overfinch that parks in my road. Nasty. Catches the eye though, which I guess is the point.

I've seen a matte black Maserati parked not far from my house. I always wonder how they keep it clean and not kind of dusty looking.

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Matt Black Paint Jobs - WellKnownSid

Near us there is a dusty matt black Mini Cooper with silver swirls down the side. Urgh!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - gordonbennet

Would look pretty cool on a Hilux with a serious looking large caliber gun bolted to the chassis.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare

Hahaha - for going scally hunting, one presumes?

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Sofa Spud

I think the matt black trend was influenced by the USAF stealth fighters and bombers.

Maybe also some of teh snapshots of prototypes and development mules in the motoring press, which are sometimes matt black.

Perhaps matt black is supposed to convey the impression of something special, like the car is something that it's not, and it also gives the impression of 'I'm and engineer, I'm interested in how it works, not what it looks like' - a bit like rat bikes among bikers.

Black is definitely 'in', though. The famous LNER 4-6-2 steam loco, Flying Scotsman, which has just been overhauled, will be in unlined wartime black instead of its usual LNER apple green! And a later British Railways 4-6-2 steam loco, Britannia, has also exchanged Brunswick green for unlined BR black!

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Matt Black Paint Jobs - oldtoffee

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S all matt black pulled up next to me at the lights. Looked terrible IMO and the bright orange brake calipers and the BO 55 private plate completed the disaster.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - unthrottled

I can't get vexed about the matt black thing. Compared to the new fad of XR3esque white, the matt black is easy on the eye. There are far more irritating trends:

-big bore exhausts

-shiny st/steel big bore exhausts

-big shiny rims on 4X4s-sporting low profiles to complete the ignoramus image


-detritus hanging from the rearview mirror

-notices informing other road users that this vehicle has a 'babe' on board

-Privacy glass. Famous celebrities don't drive ford Kugas. We never wanted to peer inside anyway.

Ah! that was cathartic. Feel much better!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - injection doc

What appear to be a matt black paint job in most cases is a stick on film ! there are companies that specialise now in a complete plastic film to cover the paint job, most weird trend but one advantage is when you come to sell it you peel it off and the paints like new underneath ! bit like a police cars when all the decalls have been removed but without all the dents and bruises ! I was told it about 1500 quid to have a car filmed up in matt black, but why is the big question ?

Matt Black Paint Jobs - jamie745

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Matt Black Paint Jobs - jamie745

Website obviously broken as it would only take the first character of my above post. What i was trying to say was i do hate this Baby on Board signs. They do make me boil. Do they think we'd drive differently if not privy to this information? That we'd crash into them like lunatics if we werent aware that darling little Christian or Chantelle is on board. Dear God. The worst bit is they leave the sign up when the baby isnt on board. They need a "baby at home" sign, or "baby at Grandma's". Such parents obviously feel we need to be fully aware of where their sodding baby is at all times so as we can alter our lives in an appropriate fashion.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - cellarman

Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on the current trend of buying a pricey motor and then ruining it with a nasty matt/gloss black paintjob,

Just think of the money you would save by not buying polish though !!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - 12345oncei

There is an orangey yellow saxo a few miles from here with black go faster stripes over the bonnet, roof and down the back of the boot.

Trouble is, they are wonky and look like they are electricians insulation tape.

I drive past it most mornings and think to myself - nice work fella.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - paul45

personally I like them - reminds me of the original robocop and the cars they drove in that, but I believe you need to take real special care of them. Saw a Fiat 500 yesterday and i actually thought - that looks quite good...

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Armstrong Sid

On a similar theme, I'm seeing an increasing number of cars with black wheels. They are almost always on boy racer/chavmobiles and the owners obviously think they look cool.

A total contrast to the bright shiny steel/chrome wheels we've been used to for years, where bling was best; on these black things you can't see where the tyre ends and the wheel begins.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare

Resurrecting this thread as I saw a true horror this morning.

I was driving to work down the M6, and I saw a VW Golf Mk III with the suspension lowered and a matte black paint job. The scally driving it had added black wheels and removed all the badges from the car. He had however neglected to give it a roaring exhaust sound, as I couldn't hear it over my Deep Purple.

The paint job probably cost him more than the car is worth. It looked a right b*****.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - captain chaos

Matt black paint jobs, eh?

Great for striking matches on.

Baby on board.

Only for those of a nervous disposition driving a Pinto with a full tank of fuel...


Matt Black Paint Jobs - jamie745

In referance to a true horror you couldve ended the post at "down the M6"

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare

Jamie - us Northerners are ok with it if you don't wish to venture this far up. You might get chilly anyway. Or washed away by the rain....

Matt Black Paint Jobs - jamie745

Are you calling me a southern nancy?

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare

Possibly :-P

Saw a matte black P-reg Nissan Micra in the car park at Download. Covered in chalky writing. Awful.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Sofa Spud

While matt black paint jobs look horrible and matt black wheels don't look much better, a trend towards GLOSS black wheels would be good - they do look quite nice.

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bedhead

When I was a Motorcycle courier, I usually matt blacked the bikes, one, it was easy to cover up the inevitable scrapes and two, it made sure nobody would steal it because it dropped the bike's value through the floor, as I usually rode the things till they died it was no problem.

Now it's a factory option on some poseur bikes, the mind boggles!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Sofa Spud

Perhaps matt black looks like unpainted carbon-fibre from a distance.

You can get a vinyl wrap that looks like carbon-fibre - I wonder if anyone's used it to cover a Corsa or Saxo yet? !!!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - Sofa Spud

Further to the above, I searched the net and you can get carbon fibre effect film - it's called cast vinyl and it even has the weave texture, and people cover their cars in this stuff. The quote for 'wrapping' a bonnet panel is £180, so it would probably cost about 10 times as much to do a whole car. Everyone knows that a Vauxhall Corsa, or a Porsche 911 for that matter, ISN'T made of carbon fibre, so who's the joke on? The owner or the car?

It's like vinyl roofs are back with a vengeance, but spread to the whole car and hi-tech!

There used to be a kind of black flock that could be sprayed on to give a car a felt like finish. I remember seeing a Rover P4 'auntie' done all over in flock, it looked like a big bear.

Also remember the basket-weave that people used to stick on the sides of Minis and Morris Travellers?

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Matt Black Paint Jobs - Bobbin Threadbare

I saw one - a Vauxhall Astra van. Definitely 'wrapped' as he hadn't quite got the bubbles and wrinkles out. Talk about Blue Peter car modding...!

Matt Black Paint Jobs - 1litregolfeater

Ha yeh Vauxhall were as ever ahead of the field, with their development in the 90s of a classic red that transformed before your very eyes into a matt pink.

Still popular as ever as there as so many kept lovingly that way.


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