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VW Golf MK5 GT TDI - 55 PLATE - ABS/ESP Light Displayed on VW Mk5 - StuClewlow77

I recently purchased a VW Golf MK5 GT TDI 2.0 litre in a private sale.

My vehicle currently has 103k miles and has full VW service history.

No sooner after purchasing the car, the dashboard display illuminated the ABS and ESP symbols. Also, the ESP button in the centre console is disabled.

I have contacted the previous owner and he confirmed that the symbols had been displaying intermittently and were not constant.

The previous keeper took the car to a VW garage and the following error message was reported;

"Control Unit diagnosis:

VW ESP Teves Mk60.1 Error Memory

0122 Wheel-speed sensor rear left

incorrect/no signal No of errors 1 "

As a result the garage replaced the wheel speed sensor and wheel bearing kit rear as they had traced the error to an "ABS FAULT TO DAMAGED ABS SENSOR DUE TO SENSOR RING ON BEARING."

Upon searching the internet for advice, in particular www.honestjohn.co.uk, it seems to be a common problem with my type of vehicle and for other VW drivers. It would suggest to me that this is a mechanical fault of the vehicle and it should not be expected on a vehicle which is only 5 years old and one with average mileage.

I have contacted VW UK Customer services and they are not willing to assist due to the age and mileage of my vehicle.

I am thinking its the "The Famous Brake Pressure Sensor ABS Fault"

Anyone got any ideas of a solution. I am unable to take my car back to the above garage as its 150 miles away from where i live.


VW Golf MK5 GT TDI - 55 PLATE - ABS/ESP Light Displayed on VW Mk5 - Collos25

Unless you are prepared to take the car back you are going to have to pay, they may pick up part of the bill if you take it elsewhere but I doubt it.I would think you are looking at a replacement ABS control unit a common fault and quite expensive.I don't think you will have any luck with VW uk nobody else seems to have got anywhere although I believe its different in the States, here in Germany its just as big a problem.

VW Golf MK5 GT TDI - 55 PLATE - ABS/ESP Light Displayed on VW Mk5 - Falkirk Bairn

Snap, myyr old 33 son had same fault last week - £1500 on an 06 Golf

Selling car and buying new one tomorrow - guess what? He's buying nother Golf..............will he never learn!


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