MOT Test Insurance - H.F. Smith
My local Peugeot dealer is offering this for a premium of £14.99. The 106 is coming up for its second MOT. I have never heartd of this type of insurance before. Can anyone comment on its value? The limits/exclusions are:

£750 per claim, less first £10
Must be taken out 3 months before test
8 years/75,000 miles
Cost of test/re-test
Windscreen, headlamp alignment, exhaust, CAT, brake friction material and consumables
Structural damage
Fair wear and tear to items such as brake pads, tryres, clutch etc.

There seems endless scope for argument about the "fair" and the "etc."
Common MOT Test Failures - Guy Lacey
In my experience of motoring, which (no offence) is nowhere near as long as some, the only things I have had fail an MOT have been;

Headlights (alignment mainly)
Emissions (CAT)
Bushes (Fair wear & tear?)
Brakes (FW&T?)
Tyres (FW&T?)
Exhaust (FW&T?)
Rust (FW&T?)

All of these were relatively inexpensive. A car will *not* fail an MOT if it has excesive crankcase pressure/failed head gasket/worn synchro/no fifth gear/snapped cam-belt! - These are surely more expensive to fix and more indicative of a failure on the part of the vehicle maufacturer.

In my opinion, all the items you mention are fair wear & tear. The only items worthy of cover, IMHO, are CAT and any power steering - body rot I suppose also but on modern cars shouldn't b an issue.
Re: Common MOT Test Failures - steve paterson
I think you'll find that this insurance has one major drawback. The car has to be serviced by a participating dealer and all recommended repairs carried out at full price. ie potential Mot failure points. You might as well just book the car in for a service and Mot and save yourself £15

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