Ford Focus - Ford 'Candy Red' - Chips, Repairs & Fades? - Tacks


I'm thinking of buying a Focus in 'Candy Red' - this is apparently a 'tri-coat' paint. My current car (a ford in 'Midnight Blue' metalic) looks fantastic even though it's getting on for 7 years old now [it is washed/waxed on a regular basis].

Candy Red looks great 'today' - but I'm worried if it's likely to fade (you see a lot of old faded red cars on the road) - and also if it's any more likey to chip (or show the chips) than a regular metalic etc.

If it needs repairs - it sounds like it'd be a proverbial pain to repaint / touchup scratches etc?

So - anyone know if modern 'reds' fade as bad as the old ones and/or if this tri-coat color is likely to suffer more than the regular metalics?


Ford Focus - Ford 'Candy Red' - Chips, Repairs & Fades? - jc2

I have a pepper red metallic Escort-eleven years old.NO fading.


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