peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - bazbaw

i have a 54 plate 307 hdi and it is in limp mode have taken to several garages and they could not find the fault i am getting an anti polution fault on dash and when i took to peugeot garage they said that there was an airflow sensor fault when hooked up to the computer there was no clip on the meter so they replaced that and this did not solve the problem and said it requires further investigation but they want about £300 just to investigate this and dont want to pay that if the problem is not that serious any ideas welcome please !!!!!!

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peugeot 307 hdi - airlow sensor fault - Collos25

Easy to test the air flow sensor just unplug it.Take it to another garage they are taking the mick if you are genuinly showing a anti polution fault then it could be the egr valve blocked up or the cat is becoming blocked the egr is cheapish and the cat more expensive, but until you know for sure then you are stabbing in the dark you need somebody with the system called "planet"to investigate it properly any other computer will not be very good.

peugeot 307 hdi - airlow sensor fault - bazbaw

have already took it to peugeot garage and it was them that gave me this info will have a look at checking the egr valve though thank you!

peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - Avant

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peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - Aqadir

Hi I wonder if you have been able to sort your car I too have a 54 plate 307HDi it runs ok around town but on the motorway as we try to speed it may gradually speed up but as yuo have overtaken a car in a slower lane and finally use the 5th gear the speed drops and you have to get back into the slower lane

My garage told me the fault was in my turbo so i got it changed and that did not change anything, now they say it is the ?air flow meter (?sensor)

What was your final outcome can you please advise.

peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - carol-307

hi have you had any luck sorting the problem out with your peugeot 307 hdi? i am experiencing the same problem my car is ok at cruising but when i want to speed up or go on the motorway the speed drops and i have to go back into the slow lane.

peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - Peter.N.

Take it to a diesel specialist rather than the dealer, they usually know what they are doing and are generally cheaper.

peugeot 307 hdi - airflow sensor fault - smiggy

mine started last week,

new turbo, egr,maf senser and fuel and air filters.

still no joy,turned out to be a blocked cat, but still very smokey on high revs


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