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Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - injection doc

Turbo failure on the 1.6 PSA engine on the fords had become quite an issue and there are many technical bullitens suggesting various replacement pipes and removal of the sump etc to clean pick up etc.

The cause of all the excess carbon in the sump causing the blocked oil ways is most likley an injector seal leaking in the cylinder head ! this then blows the carbon into the rocker cover plus it creates excess heat and bakes the oil around the injector casuing the blockages in the sump and oil feed pipes.

So if you have had a turbo replaced very recently have the injector seals replaced as well to prevent further failure. Mostly number 3 injector is the cause !

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - Peter.N.

Thank you for the info, anything that makes modern engines more reliable has got to be worth knowing.

I believe that the unreliability of modern engines has a lot to do with the extended oil change intervals.

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Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - barry crane

hello injection doc,

could you please send me any info you have on this as i am having a new turbo fitted


Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - gordonbennet

Somehow missed this before, thanks for the post Injection Doc.

Is this problem peculiar to Fords with the 1.6 engine or are PSA cars also affected please.

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - injection doc


The problem has been known to occur across the PSA 1.6TDCi range but appears prevalent in the Focus 1.6TDCi

I spent a while with a turbo remanufacturer and he said they are supplying turbo's all day long for Ford Focus 1.6TDCi but rarley for a Fiesta 1.6TDCi

That could be related to volumes of cars but suspect that the engine doesnt work so hard in the Fiesta.

Obviously regular oil changes help of which I do have 2 a year on my 1.6TDCi . I still fell a year and 12k is whey toooooooo looooooong.

I have always allowed our 1.6tdci to idle for good minuet to spool down helping even water cooling and heat disipation in the head before i switch off. Some cylinder heads are more holes and tracts than metal these days so I like to allow cooling down which i believe helps some of these bizzare issues some cars suffer. Its wierd how the seal leaks on injector 3 in most cases causing combustion gases to seep into the oil causing contamination. Could it be heat related well no doubt we will never know for sure but I have seen similar situations caused by uneven cooling on other cars in the past.


Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - kimbo

Hello Injection Doctor,

I have read your many replies on the 1.6 Focus engine (mine is 55 plate) suffering turbo failures through contamination of oilways in the head. I believe mine has joined the club.

I should be grateful if you would send all technical bulletin and related info that you have on this subject to kimt@onetel.com

Thanks and kind regards


Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - madf

The way to avoid Ford turbo failure is not to buy one..

Lets see: CVT boxes, turbos...

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - RobClarke

There has recently (January 2013) been a Danish consumer TV program broadcast about this problem. Here is the link:-


Although I do not speak Finnish, this appears to be the story:-

1. Lots of PSA 1.6L HDi (TDCI) turbo failures.

2. Ford have issued a Bulletin, so this is taken that Ford acknowledges there is a problem.

3. Danish parts supplier FTZ say that problem is caused by badly designed sump. Removal of the sump drain plug does not result in total removal of old oil. Leaving sludge in sump.

4. FTZ say that they are supplying abnormal quantities of replacement Turbo's

5. Ford say that no undue level of Turbo failure can be attributed to this engine.

I believe new replacement sumps are available.

Edited by RobClarke on 17/02/2013 at 19:48

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - Cyd

Thinking about item 3 above - more frequent oil changes will help alleviate this issue, just as inj suggests. I also advocate a proper flush at each change too.

Is there any value in changing the injector seals, say, every 2 to 3 years as a preventative measure for this known issue?

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - Stillnotsure

I have a late 2008 (mk2.5) Focus 1.6TDCi and know that Ford made a number of changes to the engine of this car from 2008 onwards, presumably (perhaps partially?) in response to this problem. This is the first I have heard of a redesigned sump being available however, and I just wondered if anyone knows if such a device was one of those changes?

I have had the car since 9000 miles (ex Ford demo) and have always had the oil and filter changed every 6 months. The dealer reckons this is the best thing that you can do for this engine. I also simmer the turbo for a minute or two if it has been working hard, and, bearing in mind the DPF 'exercise' the car apropriately on a regular basis.

To date (30k) in 3 1/2 years (yes I know thats low for a diesel!) but no problems so far touch wood...

Edited by eruston on 18/02/2013 at 21:52

Focus 1.6TDCi - turbo failure & how to prevent again - Collos25

Do they have the same setup as the X type or Modeos with the electronic turbo actuator ?


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