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Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - jerry hall

My 4 year old Citroen C4 2 litre tiptronix has been fine until fairly recently...Over the past 3 months it has been going into 3rd gear of its own accord.After the first time of this happening we went straight to the local Citroen garage who downloaded the electronic memory etc,but could find nothing wrong!...I have found that I can temporarily clear the problem by stopping,switching off and then starting again,driving forward and reverse by manually selecting the gears...A further thorough overhaul by the garage still resulted in no fault showing up!..The fault has now occured 8 times!!..Any ideas as to what the cause may be or any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Rich3579

I've got a 56 reg C4 1.6 with exactly the same problem and I've found others on the web as well.

It puts itself into 3rd from any gear resulting in an uncomfortable lurch into 3rd. I have found that it happens usually in the first 5-10 mins of starting up, even to the point where it can occur at the same point on your journey. I just switch off and that resets it. However sometimes it can happen about 3 or 4 times before the problem seems to go away.

Sometimes you can go for about a month with no symptons before it comes back.

As it is out of warranty I have been reluctant to go to the dealer as when I have spoken to the dealer and other garages it is always the same reply "we'll check the diagnostics" - but as you know it doesn't show any faults.

I had a similar problem with a Hyundai and it was fixed after they changed the oil and flushed it through, although it was under warranty so they had tried lots of other things first.

I have asked garages if they can do an oil change but they are not interested - always want to charge for the diagnostic check first before they'll do anything.

I'd be interested to know if you get a solution to the problem.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - SteveLee

Check the battery voltage, Citroën electronics are notoriously sensitive to low voltage conditions, if the battery is showing less than 12.6V (everything off) then a new battery might be a good idea, similarly any electrical noise can cause havoc, clean up the terminals on the alternator and check the alternator plug and wiring are in good shape along with the earth strap. The diode pack in the alternator failing can produce electrical noise which will upset the gearbox electronics, If you haven't got a friend with a sensitive (fast) oscilloscope to check it out, you could try fully-charging the battery then running the car without the alternator plugged in for 30 mins or so to see if the problem disappears.

Other than that, unplug, spray with contact cleaner, (wait to dry) then replug in all the ECUs and sensor connectors you can lay your hands on. You might stumble across the problem. Uunless it's a well-known and documented fault the dealers will be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - ferkemall

Ok iv read all the other comments on this , this is a well documented problem it stems from renault /Peugeot /citrons telling their customers that the gearbox only needs topping up now and again ,they never change the fluid when every other automatic gearbox mfg on the planet say change it at 30,000 miles because debris from the clutch packs /bands just keeps pumping around the system causing damage to valve body /seals /EMV valves /solinoids/bearings /bushings ,

The EMV valves are a known problem ,the old style have white plastic moldings the new type have black or blue plastic , these transmissions have been phased out .

If you read the renault handbook it says to long in traffic /pulling to much weight /to long on the motorway will cause limp mode = snow traction button flashing and stuck in 3rd gear , ohjust pull over turn off and restart problem gone NO ITS LOGGED THE FAULT IT WILL RETURN,

This unit has a counter in the software that counts the runtime for the unit/fluid its coupled with a condition sensor that measures viscosity/heat when the fluid gets old and thin it builds up heat and flags LIMP MODE .

Diagnostics = only a scanner that is BIDIRECTIONAL and uses the French CLIP software can diagnose the faults and reset them when the work is down ,

Odds are Joe soaps garage does not have the scanner/software to use on these vehicles ,

Even topping up the fluid is fraud with problems because you need to know just how to do it you can't just pour in more fluid it will cause more problems ,

It needs to be at working temp ,engine running in neutral and then put a container under neath if a small trickle comes out its ok ,if none you need to add half a Ltd at a time until it comes out the level plug , your not done yet the software needs to be reset for the amount you have put in ,if you change all of the fluid the counter has to be zeroed !

I have the training Manuel on this unit I own a modus automatic ,there are hundred of Renault's/citrines /Peugeots out there for sale cheap because of this fault and the cost involved to fix it ,

AH iv finished hope it helps !

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Erland

I have a similar problem with a 1.6 litre C4. When the car is driven off for the first time each day, inside 2km, if the speed exceeds 80Km per hour the auto gearbox drops from fourth to third with a very disconcerting jolt. Service advisory appears. Come to a halt. Switch off the engine. Start again immediately. Problem disappears.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Is there a remedy?

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Lin

I have the same problem, My car is a C4 1.6SX 2006. Citroen garage says it needs new gearbox but as it had a new one a year ago I doubt this. I have been told that the problem is with the electro valves in the gearbox and those who have replaced them have so far found no problems. Citroen deny this is a problem with this vehicle.

Citroen dealer says they will not do do this job preferring to replkace the whole box. They recommended finding a small garage. Perhaps your Citroen dealer might be more reasonable. it is a 5hr job, the part is under £50 I think, so budget for about £4-500. Still cheaper than a new gearbox. Good Luck!

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Erland

Same car, same problem exactly. Car drops from 4th to third with a disconcerting clunk inside 2km and in a shorter distance if its an uphill grade. My guess is that it is related to the temperature of the oil and the setting of a valve because you can hear the oil moving while engine is off and car is at rest. Dealer says replace the box but its miore than the car is worth. Manufacturer needs to acknowledge the problem or they will not sell a lot of cars. Big pity, its otherwise an attractively designed economical and comfortable car.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - TeeCee

>> an attractively designed economical and comfortable car.

If it's prone to gearbox failure it is not "economical". The reason that manufacturers get away with this sort of thing is that too many people focus exclusively on fuel costs rather than TCO over time.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - gordonbennet

They don't and won't have any trouble selling cars with this gearbox, nor do other, German especially, makes with similarly troublesome quirky gearboxes.

New car buyers are not in the least interested in whether the thing is likely to pack up the day after warranty expires as most of them change cars on or before that date.

Used car buyers generally don't research their potential purchases till after they've bought it and it's gone wrong, if they do they don't buy into things like this.

Both sets read and listen to some not all highly paid and influenced motoring journalists waxing lyrical about cars they test for an hour or a week at most.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - madf

I agree with GB above.

French cars are not noted for the strength of their electrical systems.

Google only takes 5 mins or less to use to find a long list of them before buying... "C4 automatix Gearbox issues" throws up this thread as the second or third one!

Edited by madf on 25/02/2013 at 15:46

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Mollie-Rose

Mine does exactly the same..... but not in the summer months...did you ever get a remedy?

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - thenis

We have had a c4 doing this for 7years now. it is something we have lived with. first my son owned it, then my daughter. Did you have any luck finding what the problem was?

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - ferkemall

I have a similar problem with a 1.6 litre C4. When the car is driven off for the first time each day, inside 2km, if the speed exceeds 80Km per hour the auto gearbox drops from fourth to third with a very disconcerting jolt. Service advisory appears. Come to a halt. Switch off the engine. Start again immediately. Problem disappears.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Is there a remedy?

Just about everybody with the AL4/DPO transmission gets it sooner or later as I wrote up above its the counter in the software that counts up to 32,000 then flags limp mode its saying CHANGE THE FLUID the sensors read heat/viscosity they flag up limp when the fluid is to hot /to thin the unit was designed for dealer only maintenance to rake in the money that's why its designed with no dip stick and no reference in the handbook /manual to show you how , just look at the sheer number of Renault /Peugeot /citrons automatics on here with the same problem ITS BECAUSE ALL THREE MFG,S USE THE SAME UNIT ! They are all PSA France ,its a money maker for the dealers because it was designed for that purpose,

The short one is Change the fluid ,only use fully synthetic NOTHING ELSE ,get the condition counter reset if your going to keep it fit an aftermarket cooler with an inline filter !

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - SickofCitreon

I have a 2007 C4 Citreon and one year ago I paid $2000 to replace the electrics. I just took the car to the mechanic and he told me the diagnostics showed four faults in the motor and I need to replace the board again. When driving the car it loses power and then sounds like a chaff cutter. If I turn off the ignition wait a bit and then restart it seems to be OK for a while. I can't do this safely when driving on the freeway to work. Someone suggested I top up the transmission oil.

Losing faith in mechanic and Citreon. Has anyone had any luck in replacing the transmission oil?

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - c4owner

In had a chuffing noise when accelerating up hill, losing speed and engine power. I was told one of the injectors was leaking and had to be sorted. That didnt solve it.

I took it to a citroen specialist and they said it was the 'Electro Valve'. They changed it and hey presto problem sorted. I have yet to give it a sustained run but it does appear to have solved it.

Citroen C4 - Gearbox problem - Katrick

It switches to 3rd gear as a default setting, safety mode, to maintain a speed under 80, this is computer controlled and nothing to do with the gearbox;

Ours did it when the brake pads were low, the ESP and ABS lights would come on, only some times, but as the brakes wore out it became more common, at no point did a brake light come on, go figure.

Mechanic replaced pads and discs roughly AU$600, but he also had to buy the Citroen only brake pedal sensor at AU$270.

Havent had a problem since.


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