Daewoo - a wise purchase ? - Greg Page
I'm looking to purchase a small, cheap and reliable second car and quite like the styling of the Daewoo Matiz. I'm a bit worried about the reported financial position of the Daewoo company and the future impact this might have on warranties, spares and resale values of their cars. Any views on the Daewoo Matiz ?
RE: Daewoo - a wise purchase ? - Andrew Bairsto
I do not think you should worry about Daewoo going under as this is the only profit making part of Daewoo industries
and if I am not mistaken one of the big boys has already a large stake in the company.
The Matiz is made in Poland with very outdated mechanics and a nice looking body.
It starts and stops and does what is supposed to do at reasonable price but then lots of other cars do the same
and will not be subject to massive depreciation.
Regards Andy Bairsto
RE: Daewoo - a wise purchase ? - honestjohn
Then go for a Perodua Kenari which is cheaper in the first place.

RE: Daewoo - a wise purchase ? - Greg Page

I take it from your comment that you don't think very highly of the matiz. Stylng is quite an important consideration in my choice. I've never even heard of the Kenari, let alone know what it looks like. My other choices were maybe a Punto or Peugeot 106.


RE: Daewoo - a wise purchase ? - honestjohn
I like the Matiz. It was designed by Giorgiaro for Fiat, but Fiat went for the boring Cinquecento design instead and the design was sold to Daewoo who build it in Hungary (I think).
But it's £700 more than the Kenari for rather less car.


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