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petrol consumption Picasso - John Harfield
Do you have any idea what petrol consumption I am likely to achieve in general mixed driving (rural town and country) from the Picasso with either 1.6 or 1.8 engines and a relatively light load (two people + boot full of luggage)?

No-one seems to have any idea and I can't find any useful data because presumably the marque is too new.

John Harfield
Re: petrol consumption Picasso - honest john
Official EU combined figures are 37.7 for the 1.6, 36.7 for the 1.8 and 51.4 for the HDI 90. I actually got 51+ over something like 1,300 miles in the HDI, but I reckon that the figure for the 1.6 will be worse than suggested because it's underpowered, especially with a load on. No doubt this will start yet another Citroen thread.


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