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Having some engine problems (come to them later) and just had my MAF off for a quick check. Inside there is a prong like thing with a black blob of something on the end, and also two pairs of prongs, one pair has a razor thing wire between them - the other however does not. Should both pairs have a wire between them? If so, what problems could this cause?

I ask this because when the engine is under any kind of load whatsoever (3rd, 4th or 5th gear), the engine just cuts out at fractionally over 3000rpm. It will restart once the ignition has been switched off for a few secs. This causes the engine management light to come on for 24 hours until the problem happens again.

I've given it a full service since it started happening, but no change. Any ideas?

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206 2.0 hdi - MAF Question... - Panda_man

I think one is a hot wire to determine air flow and the other a temperature sensor. I haven't looked at a MAF closely for a while but it sounds right.

You can normally eliminate the MAF as the cause of a running problem by unplugging it. The ECU will then apply some default (look-up) values for fueling and the engine should run OK, albeit without fantastic performance. If it runs better with the MAF unplugged then you may have a defective MAF.

However, from the description of the problem you are barking up the wrong tree. You need to get a diagnostic rather than guessing. The ECU will store diagnostic trouble codes. A peugeot / citroen specialist, main dealer or independent garage with good diagnostic equipment is the place to start.


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