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Hi, Gents anyone put me right on this one, Ford mondeo Titanium 2.2 running as a cab so milage is racking up quickly, in an effort to pre-empt the inevitable failure of the dpf i have been looking at having it removed. The are legions of companies advertising this service, but the thing that drives me mad is this desire to remap and download software to block the regen cycle, as far as i know the regen is only initiated by the sensors at either end of the dpf sensing the pressure difference between what is going in and what is coming out. What if i obtained a redundent dpf knock the middle out and fit that one would assume regen will never happen as it will never sense a blockage plus the fuel catalyst can be left in place so the engine in theory would burn cleaner, or am i living in a fools paradise. I just dont fancy being rumped to the tune of £1500 by the blue oval bandits evry eighteen months, i am greatful for any advice or info regarding this

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Not so simple as that the ECU looks for regeneration and the presence of the DPF when it cannot do this it puts the car into limp home mode hence the rewriting of the programme to remove the DPF .Its no big deal if you wanted to remove it yourself you will need a replacement downpipe to replace the gap removing the DPF leaves easily sourced then take the car to a programmer to put in the new instructions into the ECU.Lastly put the removed DPF on ebay making sure to keep the ELOY oil to sell with it the whole job will be probably cost neutral.

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In theory it's not a bad idea, you'll have the ecowarriors up in arms though.

I'd be more concerned about possible problems when the new MOT emissions testing for Diesels comes on stream, what's really going to be involved i'm unsure, but go into this with your eyes open.

The people doing the reprogramming may not be the best source of unbiased information.
Ford Mondeo - dpf removal - Collos25

Totally agree ,one thing the eco warriors better learn that DPF just save the polutants up and disperse them at one go they also need expensive oils that are extremely harmful if let out into the atmosphere plus eco disasters just like cats, oh if we had gone down the lean engine route liked Ford wanted to do instead of listening to idiots in Calafornia..

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The Mondeos don't use the Peugeot / Citroen Eolys fluid catalyst system, they have a DPF matrix coated with a platinum-based catalyst.

How many miles do you do a year? It's not inevitable the DPF will fail, the system on the Mondeo / SMax / Galaxy seems to be more robust than many other manufacturers' attempts.

Ford Mondeo - dpf removal - Collos25

I thought the Ford 1.6 and 2.0 were identical units to the Peugeot versions the DPF are identical and the EOLYS are the same spec.The Eolys for the Ford units can be bought on Ebay Item number: 300525876175.My conclusion there must be models with the EOLY system and others without.

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The Focus diesels use the PSA / Eolys-based DPF system, but the Mondeo and its derivatives don't.

The engines are virtually identical but for whatever reason, Ford took a different route for fuelling & DPF systems in the Mondeo.
Ford Mondeo - dpf removal - spawney

Craig, thankyou for the info. On a bad year i do about 45k , busy year 60k plus. The ministry of reliable information [ local Ford dealer ] when asked told me that my car needs a new dpf every 75k and a fluid replenishment every 37k, i did have the car with me when i went in so there were no grey areas as to the model, in fact they seemed more interested in booking me in for the above. I like to think i am not a complete halfwit which is why i always end up back at this site, you get nothing but good advice from knowledgable people. If you can explain how my system works or give me a name i can google i would be much obliged. Thanks again to everyone for your much valued input. Ignorance is an exspensive hobby to subscribe to these days.

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If it is as the above info suggests that it does not have the EOLY fluid and just a Cat I cannot see how they can replace the fluid,if it does then it only needs topping up and at worse replacing there are many Peugeot 407 hdi models with absolute starship mileage that have never had the DPF changed and they are almost identical engines the 1.6hdi is identical to the one used in the Focus.Its an fairly easy job to refill the system I should worry when it happens there are plenty of other problems that occur with modern day diesels after all the worse that could happen is a bill for £450 for total removal.

The DPF system works by collecting the exhaust particles and suspending them in the EOLY fluid and every so often it is sent a signal to activate the system which entails the DPF reaching a very high temp which burns these particles off coverting them into a harmless gas then releasing them into the atmosphere at one go this is called regeneration and is supposed to be better for the populas who have to breath around diesel engines.

Ford Mondeo - dpf removal - Collos25

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All diesel engines produce small soot particles (PM 10) due to the diesel burning as a liquid droplet rather than a vapour as petrol does.

These are the particles which the filter is designed to trap. PM10 particles are particularly hazardous to health as they are small enough to be inhaled and remain in the lungs.

The following gives a good account of the technology behind the DPF.

I will nail my colours to the mast at this point and declare myself an eco warrior if that means that I am in favour of cleaning up the air in our cities.

When cats were introduced for petrol engines there were numerous scare stories which implied the end of civilisation as we knew it, as was the case when lead was removed from petrol. Much of this was based on ignorance of the technology and "bloke in the pub told me" scare stories. I am sure that in time as more people understand the workings of a DPF they will cease to be an object of fear.

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When you consider the amount of rare expensive metals that have had to used destroying land and poluting vast areas of land in there recovery and processing and the fact they are no less poluting than lean burn engines the eco argument goes out of the window.If you read the history of how and why they were first introduced in California and how useless they are when you take into account their full life cycle you soon find out they are there to satisfy politicians and not the real world.

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@Spawney -- the Mondeo's DPF system has the DPF "matrix" coated in a metallic catalyst. These are called "coated" DPFs, or cDPFs.

This lowers the temperature needed to start burning the soot the DPF traps. From what I've seen on other forums, these DPFs are supposed to be good for at least 120,000 miles, maybe a lot more.

This is from Ford's own press info about their cDPFs:

"Coated Diesel Particulate Filter (cDPF): Ford's cDPF system traps carbon deposits as they exit from the combustion system, preventing their release into the atmosphere.

"Under favourable conditions the system then cleans itself with a controlled 'burn-off' process, thus providing a self-contained clean air system without the need for service maintenance.

"This system contains a ceramic filter body of around 4 litres volume mounted behind the exhaust manifold plus a special regeneration support unit on the engine's intake manifold. Together these components enable the filter system to regenerate in any possible drive condition automatically without requesting any input from the driver and without compromising driveability noticeably during regeneration.

The advantages of the system are:

* Additive systems have an additional additive tank that primes the fuel tank with the additive (a metallic catalyst) at every refuelling. On the Ford cDPF the additive is embedded in the filter washcoat, hence no additional complex priming system is required and no refilling of the tank.

* Long life – a ‘normal’ additive DPF tank needs refilling after approx 60k km, whereas the new Ford cDPF has been developed to last at least 200.000km."
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Hi All

New to the site but wanted to join in about DPF Removal.

As you all know by now the dpf system has many floors in the earlier designed systems, which have caused many problems for a lot of cars going into limp home mode or even having to have a new dpf fitted. The worse offenders seem to be PSA and Vauxhall as we deal with about 20 - 30 cars a week with dpf problems. The dpf removal for the majority of vehicle's has come a long way over the last 9 months and with newer software availible the dpf regen cycle can be removed from the engine map safely, and when combining with a physical removal as well its not that un-common to see nice gains in power and economy. On the flipside to removal there are now cleaning services availible which restore the dpf back to its original state and best of all at the fraction of the cost for a new one. There are also fuel additives availible which aid in regeneration at lower temps that you add manually every 1500 to 2000 miles.

We have found that not only are the start / stop journeys helping in quicker blocked dpf's but fuel grades, service intervals and faulty parts also aid as well. Most main dealers now just try to force a regen to see if that clears the faults and if that fails its a new dpf. They dont even look into why its getting blocked in the first place.....

We offer dpf cleaning, dpf removal, ecu remapping and a range of fuel products from our website , we are always availible to help with any questions you want to know about.

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Do you sell Extralub ZX1 as well?
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Judging by the service the DPF cleaning company offer, it seems the first step to avoid problems is to change the engine oil regularily and to use a low SAPS oil.


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