Servicing a VW - Martin Baddeley
Can anybody recommend a non franchise VW specialist in South Bucks/West Herts to service/repair a 1.9TDI Passat?
Re: Servicing a VW - Matt Kelly
You could try phoning URO & see if they've got an agent in the area. They're a national chain of VW Parts specialists who generally have a servicing place attached. The one I use in Essex is OK.

URO Head Office : 0121 749 8800
Re: Servicing a VW - Martin Baddeley
Thanks Matt, I'll give URO a call.
Re: Servicing a VW - peter
Try Follets? behind the petrol station on the West Bound lane of the A414 between Hatfield and St Albans.

He has always been of great help (and with good prices on older VW parts).

It may be a little out your way but you could combine with commuting into London. I think you will be impressed with his old style attitude to customer service.

Tell him where you got the info.
Re: Servicing a VW - Martin Baddeley
As my office is in Tring, Hatfield and St Albans are readily accessible so thanks to Peter and Roger for your suggestions.
Re: Servicing a VW - Roger Jones
Can't recommend Mike Chapman on Hatfield Road St Albans more highly. He serviced my Audi for several years, is doing my VR6 Golf now that it is out of warranty and free (part of the purchase deal) main-dealer servicing, and I am seriously considering letting him loose on my MB Coupe when the warranty on that expires. He's highly competent, happy to chat/explain, and very reasonably priced. 01727 844179.

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