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Hi all

Our 54 plate Ford Ka had a car port fall on top of it under the weight of snow! The car amazingly came off ok, broken wing mirrors, snapped ariel and lots of surface stratches and one dent in the roo but because of the value of the car -v- repairs they have offered to write it off with a buy back price if we want.

Can anyone give me the low down on how to would work if we keep the car? I have found varying info on the net, am unsure if it would need an MOT again? We are currently driving it with no problem and have beens since the accident in December.

Also, if we keep the car how does insurance work in the future?

Any help greatfully received!

Ford Ka 54 plate - Category C Write Off - Keeping the car - zango

My advice would be to take the money and buy a new car.

Repaired Cat C / D cars are typically worth 50% of the value of an unrepaired car. This improved to about 75% if they have the correct type of inspection and this is recorded in the register. (this is off the TV so may be a bit inaccurate)

The car will have to have a MOT and identity check before you can tax or insure it. Some insurance companies won't insure cat C / D cars regardless.

Basically the industry is set up to write danaged cars off and sell new ones.


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Ford Ka 54 plate - Category C Write Off - Keeping the car - davmal
I bought back a cat C write off. I was given £2000, and payed £400 for the car. I did it because I knew the history of car and the damage was cosmetic, repairable and superficial, so was keen to hang onto it.
I had to have a VOSA check to confirm its identity (ie not a clone), an MoT Test and re insure.
All very straight forward, but depending on which VOSA test station you go to there can be quite a wait.
It all depends on the figures, mine cost about £300 to get back on the road. I don't regard the rest as profit, just what value I have lost. As I intend to run it to death it suits me.
Ford Ka 54 plate - Category C Write Off - Keeping the car - fordkadriver
Thank you for the very helpful replies.

I am trying to understand the implications of insurance if we decide to write the car off.

The assessor has said the car will need a full respray to comply with the report they have done to make it roadworthly, until that is done we can only insure third party. Surely because the car will have been written off and is worth so little it won't matter if we only have third party?

Thanks for your help

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