Mrk 3 golf - electrical problems - mrk3er

Hi all hope someone can help me with this one. I have a 1995 mrk3 golf estate. Driving home one night my oil light starts to flash and i loose rev counter and speedo on my dash , then suddenly it all goes back to normal. Couple of days later the problem is back and it eventually drained the battery. Thought it was a faulty dash so i managed to get my hands on a new dash.Plugged it in and the problem was still there. Brought it to a company who specialise in car electrics and after a couple of days said two wires behind the fuse bow had rubbed together causing a short circuit, problen solved i thuoght. Car was fine for a couple of months then recently driving one day on comes the oil light and total loss of the rev counter and speedo. drove it untill the complete dash failed and the car cut out due to battery going flat. When it happens my fan heater and window wipers run slow. After recharging my battery attemped the journey home only to find that about a mile from my house when i took off from a set of traffic lights and was above 20 mph everything started to work again only to fail once i was at traffic lights. Have checked all the wires around fuse box and in the engine. This one is driving me mad Please Help.Steve

Mrk 3 golf - electrical problems - elekie&a/c doctor

The fact that the wipers and heater run slow tends to indicate that there may be a problem with the charging circuit.I would get the alternator and wiring that runs back to the battery a good look over.Also don't forget the main engine and chassis earth leads.hth

Mrk 3 golf - electrical problems - mrk3er

Hi there thanks for the reply to my problem. Just one question would a bad earth cause all these problems.Like cause the oil light to flash and loss of rev and speedo on the dash. But i will follow your advise and take a good look around the engine and all the relivent earth leads. Thanks elekie&a/c doctor


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