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Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - Firemanshrek


I've seen on the site about other people having the same problem as I now have, Glow plug warning light coming on, and was wondering is anyone has replaced the diesel injectors on their car. I have heard that they need programming into the (ECU I think) but just wondered if I could change them over myself.

Any advise greatly recieved.

Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - MrHayabusaman

If your glow plug light flashes on a Mk III Mondeo and your car goes into limp home mode don't panic. Even if a constant yellow engine warning light comes on too just step back and go for the least cost option. A faulty cam sensor will not give a DTC code when you run the dash diagnostic test (zero cost vs taking your motor to a garage to have DTC codes read off). Just hold in trip button for three seconds before switching on ignition to go into gauge sweep etc etc etc. You should see DTC / NONE come up after the first few dabs on the trip button. Then, if you've checked all the engine's electrical plug connections (zero cost), cleaned your cam and crank sensors (zero cost) and, the glow light / engine light continue to haunt you purchase a cam sensor for around £20 - £25 pounds from Ford or EBay. Pop it in and see if the glow plug light has now gone when you start up again. If it has but, the engine light is still there after start up switch off and try the following procedure. Switch the ignition on and off (without starting the engine) twenty, yes TWENTY times. You'll hear the "Program A New Key" beep after about six goes but carry on another fourteen times then, finally start the engine. Low and behold the dash will now be free of warning lamps and you'll only have spent 25 notes. Hope this helps anyone who reads this.

Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - Collos25

Also comes on for a faulty turbo,faulty turbo actuator,faulty EGR valve but very rarely for glow plugs.Dirty EGR and faulty actuator are very common faults on TDCI engines one being very cheap to cure and the other rather expensive.

Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - b1lly

i have a ford mondeo 2.0 tdci zetec s and it has been showing the glow plug warning for a few weeks now. it started when i purchased it and give a good run on the motorway and now its getting worse cause its getting very smokey from the exhaust. when the car is running and im changing gears its like it has got a cough. please can anyone advise on this


Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - Collos25

EGR valve is the first place to look either clean it or replace it.

Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - BigglesUK
Which one is he chea

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Ford Mondeo - Mondeo Glow Plug Warning Light - BigglesUK

Which is the cheapest option please?

We took our 56 plate Mondeo ST 2.0ltr diesel to the garage with exactly the same symptoms the first poster had and they told us we needed to replace the EGR valve.

The cost to replace certainly wasnt cheap. Do you happen to know how much such would should cost?


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