supermarket petrol - Richard jackson
I remember some time ago reading that it was not a good idea to use supermarket petrol on a regular basis. Since then I've always stuck to Shell or Esso when possible.

I was telling a friend this but I couldn't remember the detailed basis for it.
Can you remind me?


Re: supermarket petrol - Andrew Hamilton
Use the search facilility on this sit. honestjohn has mentioned the lack of additives in supermarket fuel and tendancy to gum up - as far as I remember. Round here Esso follows supermarket pricing so there is no saving except for any coupons you get.
Re: supermarket petrol - Ian Cook
Sorry to be cynical, but why are you using petrol?
Re: supermarket petrol - Alvin Booth
I think you got it just right........ However.
My son in law drives a fuel tanker on regular nights delivering fuel to petrol stations for Texaco.
I asked him about this theory of additives being different and his answer was that he knows little about the additives except that they are different for where the fuel is being delivered but that all deliveries contain it.
Apparently when they fill the tank they have the delivery note in their hand and punch in to the loading panel certain numbers which specify the amount and type of additives which is to be added to the fuel.
He knows that the customer specifies the amounts and type of additive and this is all done automatically by the blending machinery over which he has no control. He tells me that up to a few years ago Esso tankers had a separate tank on the vehicle containing the additive and the blending was done by the driver when delivering on site.
He says his main concern when delivering is ensuring that he dosn't put diesel into a petrol tank and vice versa which does happen occassionally with a cost to the fuel company of several thousand pounds for the subsequent pumping out etc of the wrong fuel. Also a black mark is placed against the driver with re-training of the driver and other sanctions.
I always say to him that I am amazed that there has never been a major incident at a station with volatile fuels and the public in the vicinity.
He agrees and tells horror stories of delivering fuel to garages in the Birmingham area late at night and idiots firing air rifles at the tanker whilst it is pumping. And when he had a blow back of petrol on to his overalls soaking him through, going into the kiosk to tell the attendant who full of sympathy pulls his fags out, sticks one in his mouth offers John one and pulls out his lighter. I will not repeat the obscenities which John used to decline the offer.
However I digress and the answer appears to be is that all fuels contain an additive but it can be different according to the garage.


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