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Having used Ford Formula E semi-synthetic 5w30 oil for many years in my Zetec engine Mondeo I have noticed that this oil is now 'old' stock and that this has been replaced by Formula F fully synthetic 5w30. The can does not even state if this new oil is API SL or API SM specification, can anyone confirm which spec it is? Is this fully compatible with the older ford range that was originally designed for semi synthetic 5w30? I would imagine that the newer oil and older one cannot be mixed, as currently I have some of the older oil still left. Any help would be great.

Ford Mondeo - Ford Formula F Oil - carl233
Does no one have any information about this? Ford in the UK typically sells over 20,000 vehicles a month so there are allot of Ford owners out there, does no one know or care what oil is used?!
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it'll probably be ok

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I've run several cars that were meant to run on semi-synthetic oil with fully synthetic oil instead. I never mixed the oils; I did a full engine flush and drained the old semi-synthetic oil, then replaced with new fully synth oil. No problems at all. I've done this on a Rover K-series engine, a Ford Endura (HCS) engine and a Saab B204 engine, with no issues. In fact, many recommend to go against Saab's spec of semi-synthetic oil and use fully-synthetic instead as it is more resistant to carbonising in the sump next to the hot exhaust manifold, which prevents sludging problems. For similar reasons, oil-cooled turbochargers are less susceptible to damage when fully-synthetic oil is used.

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There's a lot of talk about the mixing of oils of different base stocks, on various motorbike forums. The advice from Silkolene / Fuchs, Rock Oil and other specialists is that mineral oils, synthetics and semi-synthetics will happily mix without any problems of sludging etc etc.

As in this case it's a Ford-branded lubricant, you can be certain that there will be no compatibility issues with earlier Ford oils.

The only time you really need to be concerned about mixing oils is if you are changing from, or to, the use of castor-based racing lubricants.

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Use Halfords part synthetic 5w30. It meets all the Ford specifications for Ford Zetec & Sigma engines. eg WSS-M2C 913-B

I once read a review which said it was very good quality oil (I tried to find this but can't find it). Let face it Halfords don't mix it up in the stock room, its probably made by one of the leading brands.

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If I remember correctly, Halfords Oils were made by Comma. If you go to the Halfords website, you can download the MSDS info for any of their own brand products. On the form it will tell you who made the product for Halfords.

Ford Mondeo - Ford Formula F Oil - bbc123

Here's the link to Halfords MSDS page, complete with manufacturer info:


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