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Honda CRV - Camshaft? - tony57

I have a Honda CRV 2.0Vtec petrol 2002 which is second hand, 70,00 miles full Honda service history. 2 weeks ago, in the pouring rain, the engine coughed twice and the revs dropped by 50% and the engine management warning light came on. My local garage plugged it in and it came up with VVT (variable valve timing). The garage reset it and its been driving like a dream until yesterday when, once again in the biblical rain!, the same problem occured. On talking to a Honda specialist they are saying it could need a new camshaft as it "was a known problem with the 2002 model". Has anyone heard of this before? Any thoughts on my problem? Camshaft sensor maybe? Help most welcome

Honda CRV - Camshaft? - darbakse

Yes v 2002 model did have camshaft problems and its manifested by clicking engine sound.Comes worst dent will be notice on cam lobe when top cover is taken out. Suggestion have your v be tune up if the camshaft has cam lobe dent or mark but ultimately have it change sooner.


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