Peugeot 307 - FAP pressure differential sensor - olivier74

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The car is a 307 2.0HDi 110, 2003

Following a diagnostic due to an anti-pollution fault, I was recommended to change the FAP pressure differential sensor. I knew that the design of the sensor would be different, as the previous one was letting water in eventually.

The previous design had 2 tubes, front and rear of the sensor, whereas the new one is left and right. I tried to connect one way (front to left, rear to right) and went for a drive test hoping the ECU would reset the fault, refilled the tank a joy. Tried to swap the tubes, no luck either. I also checked the tubes underneath the car and they are pretty tight.

I don't think I can do any damage to the car if the connection is wrong but the car is still in limp mode anyway.

Does anyone know how to connect that sensor and how to reset the ECU other than going to a garage and pay for another diagnostic?

Peugeot 307 - FAP pressure differential sensor - mickeybo

Check ex gas pressure sensor by back probing with multimeter with ignition on 5v at terminal

3. terminal 1 ign on o.49v to o.52v terminal 2 earth hth Regards Mickeybo

Peugeot 307 - FAP pressure differential sensor - olivier74

Thanks mickeybo. I did find some water dripping from the sensor and had already bough a replacement (£42) one so I fitted it, different design but easy to fit.

previous design1618.09: front tube (marked white, also same side of connector), rear tube

new design 1618.Z9: left tube, right tube(white rectangle, also same side of connector)

The connection goes as follows: front and right; rear and left

If connecting the wrong way round, you'll only get a negative pressure that the ECU will read as low and come with same error being punctured fap, but it never happened I needed the garage to reset it, it wouldn't on its own!

Back to the garage only 2 weeks after getting the first diagnostic, they ended up not charging me for the second visit. They also performed a forced fap regeneration as pressure was a bit high at 4000rpm.

Hope this helps


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